One of the things that completely amazes me about the Karina dress is the lack of ironing that it needs. I had this dress wadded up in my suitcase because I am such an awesome packer, and look at how it came out in the picture above. I am loving how travel friendly these dresses are. I am wearing the Penelope above which is one of my favorites. It has pockets in the side which is awesome for holding phones and sunglasses or even chapstick. You can see the other styles I have worn at these posts: Audrey in hot pink, Audrey in a brown peacock print, and the Daisy in black.

Great Travel Dress

Now why would I need to have dresses that could be wadded up? Mostly because I am travelling all of the time and sometimes on a moments notice! It is nice to have a few go-to outfits that I can just snag right out of the closet and throw in a suitcase without having to worry about an iron or if I will look good or not. Karina Dresses cover all of the right areas like the pesky arm fat, and hide my baby belly. They also have the perfect length so I don’t have to prance around worrying if my dress is too revealing. The fabric is cool so it is perfect for hot days and layering in the winter.

I was so busy at BlogHer this year, I barely had time to get dressed much less worry about what to wear or ironing. Karina Dresses are what you will see me in when you see me out and about. I have faith that I can just snag one in a hurry and still look good.  Karina Styles at Do you have a go-to outfit that you know you will always look good in? Have you checked out Karina Dresses?  They have just released a whole line for fall, and I am in love with a ton of their prints! You can save $30 off any full-priced dress by using the code MakobiScribe30 at check out. You can always find out what is going on in the @KarinaChronicle KarinaNation by checking out the #frockstar hashtag.

Karina Dresses has an awesome club called the Karina Love Club where you can earn a free dress! Check out how to Be A #Frockstar With The Karina LoveClub.


  1. This dress is gorgeous. I love a dress that is easy to travel with but, truthfully, I am so low maintenance that I love a dress that is so easy to care for all the time!

  2. I think the print is so fun and the best feature I think is no ironing. Hides any figure flaws too so perfect purchase.

  3. This dress would look beautiful in my suitcase going to the Bahamas, or any other place that is warm.

  4. This makes a good travel dress since it matches everything with all the pretty colors within the pattern. It looks bright and cheery too.

  5. You look very nice in that dress. I can see why you would wear it often. Also, I’m with anothers in that I can’t even remember the last time I used an iron.

  6. Very flattering! I love the fact that it has pockets. Who has time to always carry around a handbag?

  7. I absolutely love this dress on you! If I just saw it on a mannequin or at a store or something I would’ve thought it was too bright, but it looks great on you! I love it!

  8. This is some nice dress! I’m impressed, too, that it holds up so well in the suitcase. I’m a much worser packer than you! And I am still wondering HOW these Karina dresses seem to be so flattering for every figure type. It’s a mystery to me!

  9. Lovely! I would definitely wear a sleeveless dress with a cardigan and with all the colors in the pattern you could wear it with a lot of different tops.

  10. Looks like a pretty watercolor type pattern and love greens and purples together. Also like that it does not wrinkle. Who irons anymore? Not me!

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