As a mom of two little girls, I find myself looking and purchasing all sorts of fun accessories for them all too often and forgetting about me. I guess I sometimes forget, that I need a little glam in my life too. So I decided I would make it my mission to start caring about “me” a little more.  I was thrilled when I came across Be Something New Etsy Shop. Be Something New Etsy Shop has fabulous hair accessories! I was sent the Hand died ribbon roses tie headband. This headband is so great! It is the type of headband you can use to jazz up a outfit or wear to a special event. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel like I wear the same type of outfit day in a day out, my mom uniform, pair of shorts and a plain t-shirt. I love this headband for making me feel a little more fashionable. This headband can be worn traditional (underneath my hair) or my more “hip” and around my head as shown in the picture used on Be Something New online shop.

The Hand dyed ribbon roses tie headband is made from two hand dyed ribbons that have been shaped into roses with pearl centers. The roses then sit on two light green leaves on top of a taupe ribbon. Be Something New also suggests using this great headband as even a sash around your waist and around your neck as a choker. The Hand dyed Ribbon Roses Tie Headband is sold for $32.


Be Something New has a really great variety of hair accessories as well as a couple of specialty items. The Be Something New etsy shop is easy to navigate through with the accessories being categorized by bridal, everyday, and vintage.

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