cheerleadersThe school year has arrived and so has the glorious time of year when we can cheer on our children from the sidelines as they participate in autumn sporting events. From soccer to lacrosse and field hockey to football, the practices and games are neverending. As adults, we remember how exciting and sometimes overwhelming participating in a new sport or meeting your teammates can be so it’s important to support our children. Here’s how to be their number one cheerleader with minimum embarrassment for them.

Pump up your children’s confidence by outfitting them in new athletic wear. Get rid or repair damaged items and donate items they’ve outgrown. For replacements, JCPenney is well stocked with shorts, socks, cleats, under armour, and any other sporting goods your kids may need. Even if nothing needs to be replaced, starting the new year with something fresh (think First Day of School outfits) can boost pride and self-esteem.

Work on layers. Fall weather is unpredictable on or off the field. Treat yourself and purchase some cozy sweaters, jackets, or blankets to wrap the family in as you watch from the stands, especially if they’ve taken up hockey!

Help kids (and yourself) stay organized with a gym bag. Look for a bag that separates your kids’ dirty shoes from their clothing and other essentials so you can keep your car and house clean after an intense game on a muddy field. More importantly, help your children stay hydrated and eco-friendly with the help of reusable water bottles. Check out Sam’s Club for quality bottles that will safely stand up use after use. Sam’s Club also has a great supply of beach chairs that you can relax in as you watch your little athletes from the sidelines.

After all is said and done, however, offering your unconditional support for your children can bring more joy than any material items possibly could. Encouragement begins before they hit the field, so make sure you’re their number one cheerleader every day. Ask them how practices are going, what they enjoy the most, and what they’d like to improve upon. Sports are a great way to build self-esteem, confidence, and social skills. With steady support, your kids’ excitement for the game will bring memories and important teamwork skills they’ll never forget.