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I am addicted to jewelry and I cannot seem to get enough of it! I have had some killer pieces of jewelry and some of my favorites have been lost or broken. I hate to lose a really cool ring, bracelet or necklace because mostly they are irreplaceable. That is the blessing and the curse of being a collector of the unique things in life. They cannot be replaced when lost, but there is always another treasure waiting to be discovered. I have passed on this love to both of my girls, which makes it a great bonding thing. We can go haunt the flea markets, antique shops and out of the way jewelry stores for one of a kind pieces. One online company I recently learned about has that feel to their jewelry. At Wickedly Mod, you can find beautiful and unique jewelry for women like none other.

Beautiful And Unique Jewelry For Women

Beautiful And Unique Jewelry For Women

I always know if I have chosen my jewelry well if I get a lot of complements on it! Of course that is not the only thing, but it does measure what others think. I was on a trip recently and I wore my beautiful and unique jewelry for women from Wickedly Mod jewelry.  I cannot tell you how many people stopped me and told me how pretty the pieces were. I especially love the Althea Hand Stamped Silver Bracelet because it is well made but has a delicate quality about it as well. When you move your arm, it makes this little tinkling sound and I just love that! I was riding on a cable car and when we went over a track, my bracelet would respond! I also love how lightweight it is as compared to other bracelets I have that are a bit on the heavy side. The dainty Musical Note Charm Necklace in Silver with the Peridot birth stone is just so pretty. With our love of music in the family, it was a fitting piece for me to have.

Wickedly Mod got its start in 2009 where they sold pendants from recycled Scrabble® pieces.  From there, their line grew to include their pretty glass tile pendants.  They had such a huge demand for personalized items, they decided to launch their personalized hand stamped jewelry line in 2011. I think the Scrabble® pendants are so unique and cute and they would make a great gift. I love that they offer the hand stamped jewelry that is not the same old same old that you tend to see. You can purchase from their wide variety from their website, including the Althea bracelet ($58.00) and the Musical Note necklace ($34.00).

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