Beautiful Bathing Suits For Women

Swimwear For Women

It is hard to find beautiful swimwear for women that fit properly.  It seems they are a rare breed these days and it is so frustrating!  I have searched high and low for the right suit and I was even willing to sacrifice cuteness for fit.  Well, it seemed I was going to not get either cuteness or fit.  The last bathing suit I bought was from the big Acme Discount Store and it was a tankini and briefs.  The top was apparently made for a 12 year old girl who hadn’t developed yet and the bottoms were made for her slightly older sister!  I am not going to tell you my size, but DANG!!  Last year I just gave up and the few times we went to the lake, I wore shorts and a tank top.  I only got wet when no one outside the family was there.  What is this!  The 1920’s?!?!?

Aerin Rose swimwear is a great solution to the problem of fit.  The woman behind the company knows well how difficult it is to find a great fitting suit. With a DD chest and a tiny waist, it was virtually impossible for her to find anything that fit.  What was she to do?  Go to the women’s department for the top and the junior department for the bottoms?!  In 2000, Aerin Rose was created to help all women feel great in their swimwear.  The tops and bottoms were sold separately so each piece would fit any shape or size as well as giving women a choice to mix and match patterns and colors.  Aerin Rose has been shown in InStyle, Seventeen, Oprah and many other publications. Aerin has a degree in marketing, fashion design and therefore was well schooled to put out a fantastic product that was going to be sold with great marketing skills.

Swimwear That Fits Like A Bra

The unique approach Aerin Rose has taken is to create swimwear that fits like a bra.  Although the trend is steering more towards the bra support for swimsuits, it is still not where it needs to be.  Aerin Rose has created several styles, sizes and patterns in two piece bikinis, tankinis, brief or hipster, one piece, and maternity.  The bathing suit I chose was actually recommended by one of the great support members for Aerin Rose.  With my body shape, a hipster is best for me and a halter style top gives the support I need.  The suits are made with the best fabrics, by a team of amazing pattern makers, seamstresses, factory workers, and sales reps.  When you put all those together, you get a fabulous bathing suit made by extraordinary people.  Aerin fashions are made from a real woman for real women with real bodies and you can’t go wrong with that!