Beautiful Bras For Full Figured Women

Beautiful Bras For Full Figured Women

If you are a woman with large breasts, do you find it difficult to find beautiful bras for full figured women?  I have found two companies, both of which I discovered while reviewing for this amazing blog.  I just could not believe it was as hard to find pretty bras as I found it to be.  I mean, a man went on the moon but we can’t get a pretty and comfortable bra?  I did not leave behind my desire for pretty underwear after I got my big behind (sorry, I just had to).  I may have lost my figure I had as a younger woman, but my taste is still intact  I found pretty bras but for smaller breasted women and I found the industrial looking white bra from a horror movie, but not a pretty and supportive bra.

Leading Lady is a fantastic family owned intimate apparel business that have been providing nursing and full figured bras for more than 70 years.  I think after 50 they knew they had a good thing going, and by 70 years, they are considered a treasure in the intimate apparel industry.  You can find bras from A-H as well as panties, maternity belts and bras and bra extenders.  You can find bras that are beautiful, fit well and are feminine.  That’s the word!!  Feminine.  That is what the other companies are missing!  They haven’t discovered the art of making full figured women feel feminine and beautiful.  Not only does Leading Lady offer the convenience of shopping online but they make their bras affordable as well.

Modest And Pretty

I am not one to wear a low cut top or dress without a tank underneath, but I want to feel modest and pretty.  I was so happy when I found that Leading Lady offered a bralette ($28.00), which is a bra and tank rolled into one.  I chose the white as it goes with everything, and it is the most comfortable bra!  I love that I can wear it under my low cut tops without feeling self-conscious.  The little touch of lace on the bralette gives it a pretty touch and makes it look more like a tank under my shirt.  The straps don’t dig into your shoulders the way other bras do and they are made really well.  The stitching is absolutely perfect and the elastic is high grade.  When you visit Leading Lady, you have an abundance of choices in styles and colors, all at affordable prices.

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