Beautiful Carpets And Rugs

Beautiful Carpets And Rugs

Beautiful carpets and rugs are a great addition to any home. No matter where you live, be it a house, apartment or a houseboat, you should have at least one good carpet or rug.  Let me clarify what I mean by carpets and rugs as there seems to be two definitions.  If you go by the definition in India, where many are sold, a rug or carpet is a floor covering or what we may call an area rug.  By definition in America, a carpet is the wall to wall many homes have.  I am speaking about the floor covering kind!  I think a coordinating rug in a room just brings the comfort level up to cozy!

The history of Safavieh began in 1914 when this family owned business was supplying oriental carpets to the world’s finest interior designers.  Safavieh has grown from a small showroom in New York to a half million sq.ft. warehouse space and has manufacturing plants on 3 continents.  These high quality rugs are made in the countries where the best rug weavers in the world reside.  From Persia to India to Nepal, Safavieh has artisans working hard to bring you the most luxurious carpets and rugs worldwide.  Safavieh spends an average of 2-3 years studying to find what the best fabric, color and market trends before introducing a new line to the consumer.  That means you are getting a well thought out product from a group of people who care about what you put in your home. To learn more about Safavieh, you can visit their FB page here.

Area Rugs For Your Home

Area Rugs For Your Home

Safavieh has such a huge selection of area rugs for your home that it can take a while to decide on which gorgeous rug you will select.  When I was offered the opportunity to review a rug from Safavieh, it took me almost 3 hours of searching through their many styles, colors, sizes and patterns.  I am here to tell you that Safavieh has so many carpets and rugs that you are sure to find something to suit your needs.  I wanted to find a rug for Henry’s room for two reasons; I felt he needed a cute carpet to balance out the white furniture and there is a big old stain from Halloween make up smack dab in the middle of the room!! I found the cutest navy rug with stars on it ($80.00) which fits in perfectly with his color scheme.  The 2’x6x4’ size is perfect for his room and the rug is the made from the softest tufted wool.  To give you an idea of how soft the rug is, Henry lays on it when he is watching TV.  This is a huge thing because kids with autism have sensory issues and they cannot stand to touch anything that may scratch their skin, which is extremely sensitive.  If Henry is able to lie on a rug comfortably for hours, it is a darn soft rug!  I cannot say enough good things about this awesome company.  All I can say is if you are looking for an incredibly crafted rug at a reasonable price, Safavieh is a great place to go.

One reader will win a Safavieh 6×9 Courtyard Carpet ($159.00) of their choice, depending on availability

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    I really love the Lyndhurst in Red/Ivory

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    I like the new Four Seasons rug by Safavieh.

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    I like the Lydon Black Striped Chest

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    BLUE / MULTI is my favorite.

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    I love the Aubusson rug, but the Tiffany is pretty too.

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