Beautiful Designer Clothes For Women

Beautiful Designer Clothes For Women

I love to find beautiful designer clothes for women.  Of course, on a one person income in a family of four, it isn’t often that I am able to buy designer clothing.  I have been lucky and found a few great pieces of designer clothing at a consignment shop and once in a blue moon I can find a great deal at the mall.  I know it is geeky, but I developed a love for fashion from watching Project Runway!  I think it is fun to watch these talented people design such out of the box clothing.  I taught myself how to sew, but I don’t have the creativity it takes to design anything.  I admire those who are able to do that and admire those who are able to earn a living while doing it even more.

Abi Ferrin.  I just wanted to say her name so you can remember it.  Trust me; you will want to remember this amazingly talented young woman.  Abi didn’t start out as a designer and her journey to this point is almost as fantastic as her clothing and accessory line.  Abi has been sewing since she was 5 and won the McCall’s sewing competition at 13.  From there she went on to obtain a degree in broadcast journalism and at the age of 20, she began working for the News Hour with Jim Lehrer.  Three years later, Abi moved to Hollywood and began working for Paramount Pictures.  On a tight budget, Abi couldn’t afford to buy clothing for all the industry parties she was invited to, so she turned to her trusted first love; sewing.  Sadly Abi found herself in an abusive relationship and after she bravely left that dangerous situation, she moved to Dallas to live with her cousin Lisa.  Within 2 years, Abi was named Texas’ Next Top Designer and her exquisite and unique clothing has been making people happy ever since.  I want to add Abi to my Awesome People Who Give Back Hall of Fame for her work on The Freedom Project.  Abi’s motto is “Fashion with Freedom and Purpose” and with each garment or accessory Abi designs, she includes a hand-made element on each piece.  Through this project, Abi has committed to empowering women who have been in abusive relationships, be it personal or professional. You can follow Abi Ferrin on Facebook or Twitter.

Unique Accessories For Women

Not only does Abi Ferrin design amazing clothing, she also designs unique accessories for women.  Abi has created gorgeous purses, whimsical aprons, pretty nursing covers and wallets, just to name a few items!  I knew I had to have an Abi Ferrin design and was ecstatic when I was given the opportunity to review an item from Abi’s collection.  From my research about Abi, I knew I wanted to review an item from The Freedom Project.  It was important to me to not only highlight Abi’s talent but I wanted people to see the love she has for those women who need a voice.  The Freedom Project Collection is currently made up of Sak Saum for Abi Ferrin pieces. Some of those pieces are Abi’s designs and collaborations with Sak Saum, and some are creations of the men and women of Sak Saum. I chose the Sak Saum Sara Bag ($49.00) for its unique design.  The Sara bag has a pleated body and the 6 coconut buttons are hand carved, which is the handmade Freedom Project item Abi puts on her designs.  I was taken aback by the attention to detail and beautiful fabric and the light purple shade.  I had plans to use the Sara bag for myself, but I gave it to my daughter Caitlin.  I thought it was apropos to pass the bag onto Caitlin because she has been bullied a lot at school and I felt she needed Abi to give her a voice.  I told her to take it to school for a book bag and whenever the kids say something mean, to close her eyes and remember she is important, loved, smart, and beautiful and she too has a voice.  Thank you Abi for the magnificent work you do, both with your absolutely beautiful clothing and for your absolutely beautiful heart.

One reader will win a Sak Saum Sara Bag from Abi Ferrin ($49.00) in their choice of color

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