Beautiful Stoneware For Cooking

Beautiful Stoneware For Cooking

Are you tired of your old cookware and would like some beautiful stoneware for cooking?  I know I am tired of my hand-me-down cookware that I have had for over 15 years.  Now don’t get me wrong, my cookware is still fully functional; I just want something pretty!  One big reason I have been looking for new containers to cook in is their performance.  When cooking with stoneware, your food will retain heat, even after you have taken it out of the oven.  How nice it is to take your casserole from the oven to the buffet table and it stays hot for hours.

I recently found a wonderful online company that has been selling quality cookware for generations.  Located in Kentucky,  Louisville Stoneware is the oldest stoneware manufacturers in the US.  In keeping a family feel to their business, Louisville Stoneware uses local artisans who use clay purchased locally to create their products.  These talented artists can take a blob of clay and mold it into amazingly beautiful pieces of stoneware.  Any piece of stoneware from one of  will stand the test of time.  You can purchase your stoneware knowing you can pass it on for generations to come in your family. With the rim of the dish made with an upturned edge which will hold the lid securely in place.  For added convenience, you can safely transfer your stoneware from your freezer, oven, microwave and it is dishwasher safe.

Casserole Dish With Lid

I have been searching for a casserole dish with lid for a while now.  I found either inferior product that had no personality and was pretty expensive.  Then I found my new favorite company, Louisville Stoneware!  I was fortunate to review the 2qt Casserole & Cover in the Fleur de Lis pattern in Black (retail $75.00).  Upon delivery, you are immediately impressed with what care was taken in packing the dish.  Then you take it out and it is so pretty it will make your jaw drop!  I could not wait to use it and we decided to make a chicken casserole, which my family loves!  Well, let me say this, which will explain the stock photo I used rather than a picture of my lovely casserole.  Um….I burned it!  Not just a bit well done, I am talking looks like you put it in the fireplace burnt!  Well, rest assured the burning of the fateful casserole was in no way connected with my lovely casserole dish from Louisville Stoneware.

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