Beauty Stocking Stuffers Under $25

I am one of five kids; 3 brothers and 2 sisters. My mom used to make jokes about how much easier and cheaper it was to raise boys. She said with boys, when they were old enough, you bought them a razor, one pair of sneakers and some sports equipment and they were good to go. With girls, you have to buy them clothing, accessories, jewelry, multiple pairs of shoes and lots of beauty products. I did not fully appreciate her comments until I had kids of my own. I have two girls and a boy and boy are those girls expensive! With our Christmas stockings, we usually fill them with things like socks, health and beauty products and the like. I am on a tight budget this year, so I decided to gather a list of the most affordable. Here is what I came up with:

5 Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Less Than $25

5 Beauty Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Less Than $25

  1. Mini Nail Polish Set: My girls love nail polish and change the colors constantly. Instead of getting a ton of full size bottles that will dry up, get them a collection of 4-5 mini bottles.
  2. Shea Butter Lip Balm: If you have dry lips in the winter, like I do, you will want Shea butter lip balm. It will change your life!
  3. Tea Tree Oil: This little jack of all trades works for a variety of beauty issues. A dab on a blemish will have it gone in a minute and a few drops in your bath water will soothe you into oblivion.
  4. Ginger: Beauty products made with ginger can cure acne, decrease inflammation and remove toxins.
  5. Healthy Skin Care Products: No matter what age you are, you should celebrate rather than fear your age. You should embrace your skincare routine by treating yourself to products that will leave our skin feeling absolutely fantastic. The skincare line from Don’t Call Me Ma’am are exactly what the movers and shakers for the female species need.


In my house, we have two females who are at opposite sides of the age spectrum. We have a teen who is wtill coming into her own whose skin can change from day to day. Then there is me who is in menopause and has had her skin change dramatically in the past 6 months. Trying to find a skincare line that we can both use has been difficult at best. Finally I have find a trio of products we can both use and have the best skin of our lives to prove it. Don’t Call Me Ma’am, a new skincare line from Founders Ilene Ruvinsky and Kathleen Spitzer, that is good for your skin, the planet and your state of mind!

The line offers eleven products for your face and body, developed with ingredients that have no no parabens, sulfates or harsh chemicals, with packaging which is 100% recyclable. You will not find a bunch of flashy ingredients or bloated promises to fix something that you apparently have wrong with you. Instead, Don’t Call Me Ma’am products celebrates what is smart, sexy, surprising and thriving in today’s woman. This skin care line is for any woman who is looking forward instead of back when it comes to her skin and her life. It is for you, your daughter, your mother, your best friend or your cubicle buddy at work. It is for any woman with skin and there are a trio of products throw away every other skincare product in your bathroom.

  • The Wash It Away Everyday Cleanser: will gently wash away your day or night along with makeup, dirt, and residue. The soothing chorus of natural ingredients will leave your skin toned (never tight) and irresistibly bright. It comes in a 6 oz. tube which you will use morning and night, followed by the In Balance Toner and Face Love Moisturizer. It has botanical extracts like sunflower seed and avocado oil. $25
  • In Balance Everyday Toner: Bring your skin back to its natural state of Zen with this calming toner. Just a few sprays will rebalance the pH levels of your skin while protecting against inflammation. It also comes in a 6 oz. tube which is used after the Wash It Away Cleanser, both morning and night. It is made from Allantoin, which is a skin conditioning agent. $25
  • Face Love Everyday Moisturizer: Love the skin you are in with this luxurious, everyday moisturizer. This naturally hydrating formula binds moisture to the skin and promotes soft and supple tissue. It comes in a 4 oz. Tube. You will use it in the morning, after using the Wash It Away Cleanser and In Balance Toner. It has Sunflower) Oil, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, natural Vitamin E, and Panthenol. $25

Do the next time you hear someone call out, “Hello Ma’am”, you better look over your shoulder to see who they are talkign to. The only thing anyone on the street should be calling you is a taxi! Be sure to stay connected with DCMM and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. One USA reader will win the DCMM Trio ARV $85.

What beauty stocking stuffers under $25 do you plan on buying?


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