I love the smell of lavender. It is purple and we all know that is my favorite color, but it smells like purple should smell like! All yummy and homey and fresh-air smelling! I also have dry,yucky,cracked feet that I am always on the search for a good intensive lotion or salve for. Bee All Natural combines the best of these two facts into an Intense Hand & Foot Salve with a Lavender and Tee Tree scent! Just a little dab will do you as it goes a long way. Jakobi (yes child labor story) slaves away in the evenings rubbing my feet with “mommy’s special lotion” helping me establish a much needed night-time ritual. I have to call it MOMMY’S special lotion because he loves the smell so much, he would use the whole canister on the dog or something equally as fun. You can purchase Organic Intense Hand & Foot Salve for $13.95 and it comes in three scents.

I was also sent an organic lip balm in grapefruit which Jakobi hijacked, and I am okay with that because it is nontoxic, all natural, and hey he likes soft lips. The smell is just yummy and refreshing. I fell safe with him wearing it, and if Mason gets a hold of it that would be alright too! I won’t tell you the price because that is the answer to the giveaway question!

The last item I was sent was organic Baby Oil which is perfect for cradle crap! Oh, I mean cap, but if your child has this you know what I mean. It is disgusting and I for one have tried everything short of dunking my poor Mason in a vat of oil to get it off. Bee All Natural Organic Baby Oil comes in a spray bottle so I don’t have to go dunking my kids in oil. Child services anyone? It works so good! Just a few sprays, light massage and the stuff was gone in three days! Woot! You can purchase Bee All Natural Organic Baby Oil for $11.00, and it comes in other scents as well. I chose natural because, while I love the smell of lavender, my husband does not want any boy of his smelling like a garden girl. LOL, but you have the choice. The Bee All Natural Organic Baby Oil also works great for massages and skin smoothing as well.

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