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Bee Yourself Designs Shop on Etsy sent me a Quilted MacBoook Sleeve to review for my Laptop. I was really excited about this review because I just got a new MacBook Pro for mother’s day and really needed a protective sleeve. I am a photographer and bring my lap top to and from the head photographers home on a weekly bases. I also have two little kids, so I needed some extra protection to store my precious new piece of technology.

The Laptop sleeve I received from Bee Yourself Designs was the Quilted Orchid Daisies – Envelope Style. Daisies are my favorite flowers, so I thought this purple pattern was super cute and fun. The cover was styled with a white wavy strip as well as an oversized lavender button on the flap of the envelope seal. The structure of the sleeve is excellent! There are four layers used: the fabric with the pattern of choice (Orchid Daisies), the batting, the backing, and a inner lining which is fleece. The fabric and velcro are double stitched and I feel very confident it will hold in place. Another neat feature is it is WASHABLE!! I love items that can be easily kept clean.

Bee Yourself Design sells different sizes of laptop sleeves, kindle, iPad, iPod, and Camera sleeves. There are a variety of fabrics to choose from; something for everyone. In honor of this review, Bee Yourself Design is offering 10% off any purchase using the coupon code “Makobiscribe10”.

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