Kelly and GirlsBeginning the period discussion can be weird and uncomfortable both for the adult as well as the tween.  There are so many factors that will impact how the adult approaches and explains about your period as well as what tween girls have heard.  For the adult, much of how and what you say when talking about a girl’s period depends on how the adult in your life explained it to you, and how comfortable you are with bringing up a girl’s period.  For many, this can be an awkward and daunting task staring you down!  For girl’s, the rumors and urban legends they have heard from other girls will have an impact on what a girl thinks a period will be like.  From an adult perspective, how you approach your tween about her period is directly linked to how comfortable the adult in your life treated the topic.  For girls, how you relate with the discussion from the adult in your life will depend heavily on how easy it is for you to talk to your adult.

Since my mom was not 100% comfortable talking to me about my period, she gave me a book to read.  Books about important subjects are not really the way to go as there is so much that can be misinterpreted from the text.  I didn’t understand a lot of things the book talked about, so I asked my friends.  Boy was that a mistake.  I didn’t take into consideration my friends were as confused about their period as I was. In a nutshell, neither me nor my friends knew what to expect about our periods and didn’t know how we should get the answers to all the questions we had.  So, I and my friends thought you could get a tampon stuck if you went water skiing that boys could totally tell if you were on your period, if you used a tampon you weren’t a virgin anymore and many other urban myths we had heard.  If only my mom or another adult could have explained what to expect, it would not have been as confusing and scary as it was.


I decided I was going to have as much information and facts ready when I talked to my daughter about her period.  The best idea I have ever heard about when discussing your period is  U by Kotex Tween.  This interactive and informative website will give you everything you need to be ready for that talk with your teen.  My best friend Carol’s daughter Anna is the same age as my daughter Caitlin, so we thought the girls would start their period around the same time.  Well, as luck would have it, Anna started hers and Caitlin has not yet started hers.  Anna has special needs; so many things scare Anna to the point of hysteria, so Carol wasn’t sure what to do about Anna’s period.  Carol explained it the best way she could but Anna was still very upset when she started her period.  I told Carol about  U by Kotex Tween and told her to let Anna spend the night and I would sit down with both girls and go over the  U by Kotex Tween interactive website.  This website is simply the most comprehensive tool you could ever wish for!  There is a quiz you can take that poses a statement about your period and you guess if it is fact or myth.  When the girls and I took the quiz, there was a question I didn’t know the answer to.  The other area we liked a lot was the video stories from other girls.  It made it connect so much with the girls when they saw their peers talking on their level in a way only a peer can relay information.  The girls had a ton of questions and we were able to find the answer to all of their questions.  I am grateful for  U by Kotex Tween for making discussing your period with the girls so comfortable and easy for all of us. You can find more information at Hello Period.

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.