Benefits Of Using Silicone

I love being in the kitchen because it reminds me of my mom. I have so many fond memories of helping her cook meals and bake yummy desserts. I also remember the effort it took to do simple things like making the cake slide out of the pan without sticking. I also recall how much of a mess it was to clean up. Mom also had her share of burns from the pot holders we used. Instead of going through all of that headache, I use silicone in the kitchen.

pot holder

I will admit, I have also had my share of messes and burns until I began to use silicone. I have slowly begun to add tools into my kitchen that have made my life so much easier! There are a ton of benefits of using silicone and I wanted to list them here:

  • Flexibility: If you bend silicone, it pops right back into shape.
  • Thermal Properties: You can use silicone from a temperature range of 40°C To 446°F.
  • Versatility: You can take silicone from the oven or microwave and place them immediately into the fridge freezer and vice versa.
  • Practicality: You can wash silicone in the sink or in the dishwasher.
  • Indestructible: Silicone is unbreakable and cannot be damaged when you compare it to other mediums like glass or metal.

I recently got a cool stash of silicone products from HighFive Naturals, which sells directly on Amazon. I received:

Why I Use Silicone In My Home

  • Silicone Cooking Gloves: These BRIGHT orange gloves sell for $50 on Amazon and are the best things I have ever used! They are nice and thick and textured so nothing will slip through your hands. You can also use them to open those lids that are just too dang tight. I even used them to clean the bathtub and kept my hands free of chemicals!
  • Silicone Pot Holders: This pack of four colorful pot holders sells for $30. I love how flexible and easy to handle these pot holders are. I have also used them as a trivet for hot plates and pans and they stood up to the test. You can also use them in the bathroom under your hair styling tools to keep from scorching your sink or vanity.
  • Silicone Suction Lids: This set of 4 silicone suction lids come in a four pack and sells for $25. They range in size from Small 6″, Medium 8″, Large 10 1/4″ and Extra Large 11 3/4″. They create an airtight seal that keeps food and ingredients super-fresh! Transfer food bowls quickly and easily from refrigerator/freezer to oven/microwave to table!


Are you convinced of the properties and benefits of using silicone in your kitchen? Great! Now you can enter to win one set of these silicone products from HighFive Naturals ARV $105.