Best Blanket For Allergy Sufferers

I must be crazy, because I’m allergic to any animal that sheds, yet I have three dogs and five guinea pigs.  Since my allergies in almost every area of my life are so bad, my bed is kept a strictly no-animal zone (well, ok – aside from the one dog I’m not allergic to), and I try to use organic bedding as much as I can.  In looking for bedding that’s great for allergy and asthma sufferers, I came across  I explained to them the severeness of my year-round allergies, and they suggested I try their Allergy Armour Organic Cotton Blanket.

Best Blanket For Allergy Sufferers

I’ll be honest.  In looking at the blanket, my first thought was “That’s nothing special, I’m glad I didn’t pay for it” but I of course still had to use and honestly review it.  I was sent the twin size (which is enormous before being washed and initially fit my queen bed) so I decided to use it in my no-animal zone bed.  Now, I’m a person who gets super hot when I sleep, but I still like something over me.  I was surprised at how WONDERFUL this blanket is!  I love that it’s made right there at Achoo! Allergy, and it’s made of 100% certified organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, dyes, or harmful chemicals.  It’s super soft, and has an open weave pattern to allow air flow.  The result was that I didn’t roast under this blanket!  It was the perfect weight for hot nights.  I think it would also work wonderful for just cuddling up on the couch, but I didn’t want to try it that way too much, as I’m trying to keep it dog hair-free.  The things that disappointed me upon first glance – color, lack of fluffiness – are now things I probably won’t even consider when purchasing my next blanket.  The Allergy Armour Organic Cotton Blanket is the perfect softness, but without all of the fluffiness of some “fancy” blankets, it doesn’t hold in allergens as much and doesn’t get too hot when I’m trying to sleep making it the best blanket for allergy sufferers!

This blanket comes in all bed sizes, including one for baby.  It does come large, but once washed, it shrinks to it’s normal size.  It’s easy to wash as well, which is a plus.  This great blanket can be purchased on and ranges in price from $59.00 – $99.99, depending on which size you’re purchasing.  I HIGHLY recommend it for the allergy sufferer in your life, or just for the everyday person!  It’s by far my most favorite blanket.

Now’s your chance to win the twin size Allergy Armour Organic Cotton Blanket for yourself!  Just fill out the form below for your chance to win!

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