iPad2 Accessories

Rocketfish™ – Advanced Series Keyboard Capsule for Apple®: iPad® 2

In the above picture you can see the Best Buy iPad2 accessories that I received. My husband is an over-the-road trucker, and one of the ways that he keeps in touch is with his iPad2. The Keyboard capsule that we were sent from Best Buy was perfect for him. It enabled him to use his iPad2 more like a laptop and not have to always swipe on the screen with is dirty hands. The keyboard integrates with the ipad2 using a Bluetooth-enables device. It is pretty easy to hook up, and I hooked it up to my and his iPads in a short amount of time. The case has a hard protective, sturdy shell that protects the iPad from bumps and bruises a trucker might inflict on said iPad2. The screen folds down on top of the keyboard enabling a safe carry. The ports on either side allow for easy plugin while still in the case. You do have to charge the keyboard case in an outlet, but the charge lasts longer than the iPad2 battery. You can purchase the Keyboard Capsule for $99.

Rocketfish™ – PadPivot Go Anywhere Stand for Most Tablets

The PadPivot stand makes your tablet hands free. You can easily use both hands while balancing the iPad2 on your knee. For $39.99 from Best Buy you can purchase this PadPivot and take it with you anywhere. Not only does this work with iPad2, but with most tablets on the market today. It has a grip plate that “grabs” the iPad2, but I found with a case on, I preferred to keep it semi-horizontal. It can be broken down fairly easy for portability as well. This makes the device a great travel item.

Makobi Scribe has received the reviewed product from Best Buy for free.