As a parent, you are probably wondering what the best DVD’s for young children are.  I have friends who do not let their kids watch television at all, and that includes DVD’s.  I am not judging, but for me personally, I think there are some great shows out there that kids would benefit from.  I am not a parent that plops their kids in front of the TV all day long while I talk on the phone, do my nails and eat bons bons.  I am however a parent who can appreciate a quality TV show that I think my kids could learn something from.  When the kids were babies, I would play different kinds of music, would show them pictures and would play shows that were specifically designed for young kids.  Here are a few of the types of DVD’s many parents recommend for the younger crowd:

Best DVDs For Young Children

  • Bright and Colorful: Young kids, including infants, are drawn to bright colors and shapes because they are fascinating.  Shows that have this type content, like Blue’s Clues or Sesame Street, do so because it also helps babies with their sensory development.
  • Music: One of my favorite shows is Baby Einstein’s because not only are the characters really cute, but the classical music played is good for little ones!  Studies have shown that babies and young children who listen to classical music have a higher level of cognitive and brain development than those babies who don’t.
  • Language: If you can find a show or DVD that offers teaching about letters and numbers in a simple way, this is great for the pre-school set.  Shows that offer a fun and colorfully animated way to teach kids their ABC’s and put simple words together are perfect for this age group.  There has been a lot of research on this subject and the results were that kids who were exposed to this content were more prepared for Kindergarten than those who were not.
  • Animals: If there is one subject that all kids are fascinated with, it is animals.  There is a huge benefit to allowing your kids to watch shows that introduce young minds to animals, nature and faraway countries.  By doing so, you are “taking” your kids to places they may not otherwise see.  One of my kid’s favorite animal oriented shows is the Wild Kratts series with the Kratt Brothers on PBS Kids.  My kids have seen so many amazing animals in their natural surroundings than with any other program.  We were first introduced to Chris and Martin Kratt in 1997 with their wildly (hee hee) popular series Zaboomafoo.  Now the show Wild Kratts which first aired in 2011 is following in the same footsteps as Zaboomafoo.

wild kratts

Fun And Educational Shows For Kids

Of all of the fun and educational shows for kids, we have always loved watching the comedic adventures of the highly entertaining Kratt Brothers on PBS Kids.  The brothers have such a connection with each other as well as the subject matter they love so much that it draws you in immediately.  We have seen animals and countries that are as simple as a house cat to an exotic Watusi in the wilds of Africa.  There is a new DVD ($9.99) from these Hilarious brothers named Lost at Sea which was just made available on DVD on January 22 of this year.  This DVD takes us underwater with Chris and Martin Kratt to learn to decode the secret language of dolphins and learn “dolphinese”.  The brothers are taken on an adventure with two helpers who happen to be dolphin tutors.  The brothers join a dolphin pod and try to learn dolphinese and communicate with these elegant and playful creatures.  You kids will be taken on a ride they will not soon forget as the Kratt brothers help their new friends escape from a hungry shark!  Also available to your kids are interactive games and science videos on the PBS Kids website where ground is broken by playing the sounds of real animals!  Your kids will really enjoy the one hour special as well as all the activities available at PBS Kids.  Although my kids are much older than the 6-10 target audience, they still enjoyed this DVD very much.  PBS KIDS continues a “wild” 2013 with a new app from WILD KRATTS! The new WILD KRATTS Creature Math App allows iPad users to practice basic math skills, like addition and subtraction, as they create and care for their very own animal habitats.

The WILD KRATTS Creature Math App will be made available for free to families in low-income communities through the PBS KIDS Mobile Learning Program, a national outreach program launched last year.  As part of the program, PBS and CPB are collaborating with Head Start centers and local PBS stations nationwide to distribute free app download codes, so that educators and families can better support children’s learning in Head Start centers, Title I schools and other community-based organizations in low-income neighborhoods.  Educators and families in these communities will also be able to obtain codes for use on their professional or at-home devices. You can keep up with all the latest news from PBS Kids by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.