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Five Best Gifts For City Dwellers

I have always been a city girl and I am pretty sure I never want to live anywhere else. I love the hustle and the bustle of the people, the traffic and all of the events and culture available. We live in Knoxville, which is a bit of both worlds. I guess you can say I am a little bit of a city girl and a little bit of a country girl, but one day I want to move back to my hometown of Atlanta. My daughter is the same way and if I even mention moving out of the city, she goes apoplectic on me! She lives in a tiny apartment and pays through the roof for it. She loves the convenience of the local metro, the concerts, the art, the shopping and the nightlife. If you are a city dweller living in cozy quarters, here are some great gift ideas you can tell your people you want this holiday!

5 Holiday Gifts For City Slickers

  1. Indoor Herb Garden: If you live in the city, chances are you do not have anywhere to plant a garden. That is no reason you cannot have fresh herbs with an indoor herb garden. They are small enough to put in your windowsill and hearty enough to grow anywhere.
  2. French Coffee Press: Most city slickers I know have a pretty good coffee addiction. With that, comes a level of coffee snobbery. A french press allows the coffee beans to develop their fullest aroma, making the prefect cup of java.
  3. Coffee Delivery: To go along with that new french press, be sure the city dweller has the right coffee. Get them a subscription from their favorite coffee company. Many deliver their yummy goodness right to your door!
  4. Wicker Storage Ottoman: My daughter’s apartment is high on charm and low on storage space. A wicker storage ottoman would go perfectly in the living room and offer additional space to stow her stuff.
  5. City Inspired Jewelry: Any city guy or gal would love to represent their favorite city. How about showing that pride on a cool piece of jewelry like the city cuffs and other wholesale jewelry.

If there is one thing Chelsea loves more than living in the city, it would be jewelry. She has had a love…no, obsession with jewelry from the time she was in middle school. It is a wonder her apartment has not caved in from the weight of all of that gold and silver handing in her closet! Because she has so many pieces of jewelry, it has become of self proclaimed competition with myself to get her the most unusual jewelry.

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