Leap TV boys

What are some of the activities you have at your parties for kids to play. Normally, I do non electronic ones like some of them listed below, but after playing with the Leap TV, I’v changed my tune.

Kids Party Games

  • Theater-Style Improvisational Games- My favorite is Mystery Props. Divide children into teams then present them with a bag of random props you have collected from around the house. Each turn is completed by blind selection of a prop and then performing a short skit using the selected item. Hint: The more obscure the items the more creative the kids have to be!
  • Scavenger Hunts– Easily themed, make them as simple or as complex as needed to challenge your kids. Hunts can be done inside or out for year round fun!
  • Gift Wrap Relay- Create two puzzles by cutting images into pieces. Place 1-2 pieces each into several boxes (one per party goer), wrap all the boxes (keep the puzzles separate or mark them). Kids run to the pile of gifts, select one and unwrap, then bring their puzzle piece(s) to the group. Once a team has all the pieces the race is to put it together correctly!
  • Yard Games- Among the best are Water Balloon Pinata (Yup, just like the usual, but with water balloons!), Yard Twister (paint the dots on the grass) and Punch Boxes (with prizes inside, of course).
  • Console Games- The New LeapTV gaming console/system is perfect for kids parties! The game interface designed especially for kids to be able to navigate with ease! Game play incorporates the body, engaging the kids more fully in play! 100+ educator-approved games available to keep kids growing and entertained!


Leap TV game

At the last party I had for my boys, we set up the new LeapTV gaming system. It was an absolute hit! The simple interface was so easy to use the kids were able to figure out the new system with nearly no parental assistance!  The audio prompts seemed to answer their questions just as they were asked, assisting navigation seamlessly; the children were quickly changing between games and players with ease.

Leap TV calibrate

The interactive games utilize a camera not only to sense the children’s movements allowing them to control the on screen character, but also capturing their image putting them on screen as the star! I’m not sure what was more fun for them, playing the game or being a part of what they saw on screen…  For the parents, it was watching them completely enthralled with watching themselves! With versatile controllers that change mode, the kids were able to change games with out changing equipment (and no need to buy multiple add-ons!); controllers are used in classic button-press mode, tilt and shake for steering during kart races and all kinds of pretend tools to complete game tasks in pointer mode! So many ways to play!

Leap TV

Not only are the ways to play seemingly endless, so is the list of educator- approved games! Core skills such as reading, mathematics, science and problem- solving are interwoven into each game engaging the mind with constructive, level-appropriate challenges. The 100+ games include classics like Kart Racing and LeapFrog Sports, as well as, new, soon-to-be-favs like Dance & Learn and Sofia’s Picnic Games. Many games feature familiar faces from Disney such as Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Spider-Man from Marvel!

Its a safe, gaming system your young child can play on their own and you can relax knowing the content is supportive of their growth! Finally a gaming system that your kids will love and you can feel good about! AND With so many options for fun, it’s the life of the party! See how much Jayden & his friends enjoyed the Leap TV party.