What Is Hot In Makeup This Season

What Is Hot In Makeup This Season- Best Makeup Colors For Fall

Well, fall is here and it is time to find out what the Best Makeup Colors For Fall are this season.  As each season approaches, the fashion and beauty industries have been hard at work putting together their latest collections.  Some trends seem to come and go and some seem to have stood the test of time. What is not ever changing is the anticipation many of us feel as we wait for the announcements from these industry leaders that will dictate our look for the next several months.  I was looking at several makeup companies for their choices for the hottest colors for the fall and I found these new offerings.

  • Nail Polish:   There are some great colors that are the front runners for your nail color.  There are no subtle colors this season, but rather a hot selection of colors that could have fallen from the trees in your back yard.  Take a look out your window for a preview of the colors to expect.  Beautiful shades of orange, red, ochre and browns, some of which have a great metallic shimmer to them.
  • Powdered Sunblock:  Here is a really cool trend that I think will be a huge hit with fashionistas everywhere.  Instead of messy lotions and sprays, you can get the same great protection while looking great at the same time.  This lightweight mineral powder goes on over your make-up, so you can protect your skin without compromising your look.  With zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, you can’t get better protection.
  • Lip Pencils:  Some women don’t use a lip pencil, but they don’t know what they are missing!  With beautiful yet subtle shades in neutral colors, a lip pencil can put just the right touch on your lip color.  Not sure what color to use or want more bang for your buck?  Double sided lip pencils are definitely right for you!
  • Mineral Makeup:  For an effortless and breathable base for your skin, mineral makeup is the best bet for you.  With less irritation, even coverage and long lasting color, mineral makeup can do all of these and more.  If you prefer a powder rather than a liquid, you will love the difference.  If you need some guidance on the best companies to choose from, a great PR firm that represents several companies in the beauty industry is one of the industry leaders; Michael Rogers PR.

Best Makeup For Women

Best Makeup For Women

When I wanted to know what the best makeup for women was this season, I was able to get advice from someone who knows about the cosmetic industry.  Rachel Johnson from Michael Rogers PR chose a great variety of the hottest beauty products for fall.  I felt so much better knowing I had someone who knew their stuff rather than my wandering in the makeup department unsure of where to look first.  Rachel sent me
an array of products from some of the most established and hottest beauty and cosmetic companies around.

  • Floss Gloss:  This is one cool nail product company!  These are some of the most awesome colors you will find this year.  I love the Bikini Coral, Fastlane, Baseline and the Gloss ($8.00 per bottle).  The brush with the Floss Gloss products is perfectly shaped to get the most coverage without slopping it all over your fingers.  The polish is not like the gross thick polish, but rather a great consistently that gives you even coverage and great looking nails!!

Susan Posnick

  • Susan Posnick:  This woman is one of the leaders in the cosmetic industry.  Over the past 20 years, Susan has been a beauty expert and educator and with a resume like that, you can bet she knows what she is doing!  Susan has been studying and working with mineral makeup for a long time and has begun creating great products for stars and us regular folks.  Posnick developed a very cool product that has a lot of people very excited!  The Brush On Block ($24.95)  is a mineral sunblock that is fast, easy and convenient way to apply sunblock without the mess.  This is a product we have needed for a while so thank you Susan for this great product.  The ColorDuo lip liner in nude/rouge ($24.00) is really great with its rich and beautiful colors that go on smoothly.  I hate using a lip liner that skids across your lips like a razor on dry skin.  Yuck!!  To top it off, I received the ColorEssential Lip Color in Rio, a gorgeous shade of a pink/red ($19.00).  I love my mesh cosmetic bag ($12.50) that all of my new cosmetics fit into perfectly!

Advanced Mineral Makeup

  • The creator of Advanced Mineral Makeup is Annie Mayo, who has been working in the cosmetic industry since the 1970’s.  This amazing woman has built a career that anyone would envy!  Annie has worked as a makeup artist on more than 25 movies, print ads, the Miss Universe Pageant and sporting events like the Super Bowl.  To say Annie knows her stuff is a huge understatement!  Her Advanced Mineral Makeup line is a healthy choice for your skin with its pure ingredients that have no dyes, oils and is anti-inflammatory for sensitive skin.  I was given the pressed powder compact ($38.50) and it is the best powdered makeup I have ever used.  It is light, covers my skin evenly, is a natural sunblock and is the perfect color for my skin.  This makeup feels like you have no makeup on, which is my favorite kind!!


One reader will receive one Brush On Block ($24.95) and one Advanced Mineral pressed powder compact ($38.50) in their choice of shade.

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  1. FULL SET of lacquers, would love to try the different colors and give the ones I don’t like to teenage family members.

  2. The Brush on Block instant mineral sunscreen…AMAZING!!!! As a freckled redhead, I LIVE in sunscreen, and nothing is a bigger deterrent to wearing it than to put a greasy layer on under your makeup…UGH! I feel like it makes me super shiny, yet putting a matte layer on top of it just makes me look dusty and old, gross.

  3. I love the brush on block! I had no clue that there was such a product and being that I am sensitive to skin cancers this is awesome!

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