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Best Skateboard Shoes For Kids

I had 2 girls before I had a boy, so I had to learn a lot about raising a boy. I was a tomboy growing up and so were my girls, but there is a vast difference between a tomboy and a regular boy. It has been an eye opening experience raising Henry and I learn new things about him everyday. My girls never had scooters, skateboards, dirt bikes or anything even remotely similar to those contraptions! The other thing that makes Henry unique is his autism and the idiosyncrasies that go with it. With these unique attributes, comes OCD that makes things even more interesting! So, for instance, when Henry wanted to ride a skateboard, he wanted to have the exact safety equipment that “all the cool guys” he saw in magazines were wearing. He also had to have just the right and in his words, “certified as skateboard wear” shoes. All I can say is thank goodness for Eric from BuySkateShoes.com.

Best Skateboard Shoes For Kids

Since I had no idea what kind of shoes to get for Henry, as I did not know there was a “special” skateboard shoe in the first place, I needed help. I cannot gush enough about Eric and his infinite patience he showed me. I told him about Henry, his favorite colors, and other pertinent information and Eric went to work. He sent me several links to some amazing looking shoes and after some going back and forth between Henry, Eric and I, we decided on the Vans Authentic T Pop in Liberty/Black. When the shoes arrived, Henry screamed, put them on and grabbed his skateboard. I had to grab my camera and run after him to get my pictures. I hope you can see how the shoes are almost the exact color of his skateboard. Now, normally Henry would have on all of his protective gear, but neither of us through about that until after we took the pictures. The shoes fit perfectly and they are Vans, so need I say more about the shoes?

BuySkateShoes.com has been providing excellent products to their customers since 1997. When the company started, they guided all they did from their 5 founding principles: Service, Knowledge, Integrity, Commitment, and Passion. I have already bragged about the customer service you can expect, but I did want to add that the staff are riders, so they know what they are talking about. You can trust them. If you need help and you want to talk to a human that can actually answer your questions, you can just give one of the guys a call and they will help you. Virtually all orders are shipped the same day and anything going to the USA and the total is over $79 gets shipped gratis. If you are international, you get a discount on shipping, so you are covered too! I could not be happier with my, I mean Henry’s, shoes from BuySkateShoes and if you, your kids or the man in your life is looking for some shoes that kick butt, head over to BuySkateShoes and see their incredible deals. The Vans for Henry were only $34.99 and you cannot beat that price.

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