Kia Optima

As I stated in my previous car review post on the Kia Soul: The Kia Soul Has All The Little Things A Mom Like Me Wants In A Car, I was not really a car person. Yet again, I am impressed with the Kia Optima which seems to me that I should stop saying that. I guess I have never driven the right cars. When we bought my Kia Sorento, I fell in love, but you can call my short affair with the Kia Optima straight lust! I even felt guilty parking the sleek, beautiful car next to my family Sorento.

Air conditioned Seats

I mean, c’mon, it has air-conditioned seats. Do you know how cool that is where I live – in the armpit of Florida. It can be a steady 99.9 degrees outside, and I was able to slid into the seat and flip the switch. Within minutes, I had cool air somehow trickling through the fabric in the seat. If I even knew about this feature, all of my cars would have this. I tell you one thing, they all will now. On the opposite side of the spectrum, in the wintertime when it gets freezing cold around 50 degrees (go ahead and laugh, but I wear a scarf & mittens) I can warm up in a jiffy because the seats warm too! You even have the driver and passenger side controls.

Dual Climate control

Another fab feature was the dual climate control. I cannot tell you how many conversations I have had about how cold or how hot I was when the passenger or driver was not. I even put it to the test by picking up my mom who is the most temperature sensitive person alive. I like it colder than she does all of the time. It worked! She was happy with her temperature at 78 and I was at 63. My husband prefers 73 as the example above shows. Just this small feature alleviates a lot of discussions and keeps the high-stress levels at bay. No one likes to drive with the person besides you nagging about the temperature. Or is it just me?

Dual Sunroofs

This is so incredibly neat! Do you see that! Two sun roofs! My kids were just amazed as I was because they overlapped to their back seat so it was like they had their own sun roof. I just felt cool, young and cool driving a sexy car that felt like it was made for me. I felt no stress driving. I was able to relax; because the Kia Optima is just a fun automobile. It was like I had a race car that I wanted to zoom all over in.

car with great gas mileage

I did not even have to worry about the gas mileage because even though it had a ton of power, my gas mileage hovered around 34 mpg. That is pretty darn good considering the price of gas these days. I did not even feel guilty for going a little faster than I normally would to see how fast the car could go!

Rims on the optima

don’t these rims just look like it needs to go fast? I had such a good time in this car. The kids loved it too. Even though it looks like a race car, it is still a family-sized sedan. However, you can tell from  my post, the Kia Optima is not your average mid-sized sedan. It fit a family of four comfortably with two kids in car seats. The trunk was large enough to store a bathtub. The Kia Optima comes equipped with Sirus radio and an UVO powered by Microsoft Infotainment System with Bluetooth. All of these features provided a stress free driving experience, and long trip no longer became dreaded, but actually look forward to. You can own this baby at a starting price of $21,200. You can find more information on the Optima at Kia.