Better Butt(er) cream is just what it says it is – on your way to a better butt!  I have been on antibiotics from the dag-gum cat attack (Never shoo a cat with your foot) and Mason is getting them 2nd hand which unfortunately makes him prone to a rash.  Better Butt(er) clears up said rash within 24-hours (usually from the poo I don’t catch fast enough.  I swear it is acid!), but the BEST thing is that it mainly helps PREVENT the rash from coming with religious use.  The other BEST thing is that I can use my cloth diapers safely without fear of stain or the dreaded no longer absorbent problem most diaper creams can cause.  Here you can check out Northern Essence specials.

The giveaway portion of this post has been removed and you can find the winner on the winner’s wall. This review and giveaway was provided at no cost, but the opinions expressed are still 100% my own.