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Bedding For Teens

Doesn’t Mason look like an angel sleeping on his big brothers bed? We love the bedding package that we chose which came with a duvet cover, two throw pillows, a sham and two pillow cases for King-sized pillows. The outside is a soft and velvety touch. My son rarely ever pulls the covers back and more often then not you can see him crashing on the top of his unmade bed. He says that way he does not have to make it again.Now since he is a teen his room will never, ever, ever look like this while he lives in our home, but I thought I would show you the true potential!

bedding for teens

To this day, I remember the bedding I had as a child.  It was pastel flowers and lace and it wasn’t at all something that I as a kid would have picked. I remember being so mad that my friends all had really neat and fun bedding, but I had a bedroom that looked like it belonged to m grandma.  I was so jealous of everyone that had cool kids bedding!  Don’t make the mistake that my mom made.  Even if your child is too young to really pick out the kind of bedding they want, make sure you’re picking out something fun that you know they’ll love.  If they love it, they’ll just want to spend more time in their room!

bedding for toddlers

Bedding For Toddlers

Beyond Bedding has a huge variety of bedding all the way from toddler bedding up to teen bedding.  Their website is great to use – you can search by color, age, or theme, which really makes it less overwhelming to narrow down what you’re looking for.  Their prices are also really reasonable, and they offer $7.95 flat rate shipping, no matter what you order!  I think the coolest thing that Beyond Bedding offers, however, is their custom bedding.  They make it so easy to get exactly the look you want!  You just choose the fabric you like, then the size you need, then the bedding style you like, followed by customizing each piece.  Now, I walked through this process, and I have to say, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!  Next time I get new bedding, this is how I’m doing it!  You can choose which pieces you want in your collection (which size/shape pillows, which style comforter/bedskirt, if you’d like matching hamper, wall hangings, window dressings, etc).  Roman shades are an example of window dressings.  Not only do you choose which pieces you want, but you literally pick which fabric you want on each and every piece in the collection.  You can make the pillows different from the comforter, the bedskirt different from the bedskirt trim – the options are endless!  It’s more expensive than their other bedding, but if you’re looking for the exact right look for the room you’re designing, this is definitely the way to go.

Before going somewhere else for your next bedding purchase, check out Beyond Bedding and what they have to offer.  With their reasonable prices and flat rate shipping, there really isn’t a way you can go wrong!