Big Bird in Presidential Debate
(AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File)

Normally I stay out of politics. Every one has there own beliefs and basically I don’t like the way that the campaigns use such smear tactics to get their message out there. I mean c’mon since when was it okay to teach our children it is okay to dig deep into people’s personal lives and air out all of their skeletons. When is it okay to make up lies and tattle? When is it okay to talk bad about another person. And when is it okay to attack Sesame Street?

I understand wanting to not borrow any more money from China since we are already eyes deep in debt, but after all we are a GLOBAL economy now. How can it be okay to borrow money from China to help the sorry saps on Wallstreet who basically stole from Americans and not okay to keep PBS & Big Bird around? Good thing the Huffington Post has a 5-step plan to save Big Bird!

I know a lot of Americans are upset! Just check out what the buzz is on Twitter! What do you think about Mitt Romney’s stance?


  1. And this is the only thing you & many others took away from the debates? Really? How sad – there were many more important points that were made.

  2. No one is attacking Big Bird. He’s just saying that funding television programming isn’t something the Federal govt should be doing. By using emotional terminology like “attack on big bird” people are avoiding the actual debate. Should the Federal govt fund television or not? Why or why not? I personally think the govt should get out of the television business. PBS should have to compete for viewers and their dollars just like other television stations do. It really bothers me that PBS claims to be commercial free when there is 5 minutes of what are essentially ads between each program. PBS should be getting lots of revenue from all the toys, books, etc associated with their programming. I can’t believe how much plastic made in China junk is sold with PBS characters on it.

  3. I don’t understand how Romney can say he is for education but wants to cut funding to PBS. It’s the only decent thing on TV for most of the day, AND I use a lot of PBS lesson plans in my classroom!

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