Bissel collage

I have 3 dogs (1 is a potty-training puppy), 4 guinea pigs, a clumsy teenager, and tan carpet.  Now close your eyes and imagine what my house must look like.  Go ahead, look down at the carpet.  Oh, come one now, quit judging!  It’s getting better thanks to the Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner.  This machine has been a godsend.  I have a standing carpet deep cleaner, but it’s a huge pain to use, especially when it’s just a little spot that I need to take care of!  The Bissell SpotBot is small, easy to use, and does the job quickly and almost completely by itself!

My main problem is my new(ish) puppy marking on the carpet, but I found that didn’t photograph well.  Unfortunately, that same puppy got very sick and started vomiting all over my house, which actually provided great pictures, so thus the messy scene above!  All you do is fill the solution tank with water and some of the solution, place the tank back on the machine, place the machine over the spot, select the mode you’d like to use, press start and walk away!  About 5-7 minutes later, the machine beeps to let you know that it’s finished and you simply come back, turn it off, and empty the dirty water tank.  You can see the difference in the spot from before to after cleaning.  In the final picture, the carpet is still wet from the cleaning, but now that it’s dry, there’s no mark left behind to ever indicate that there had been a stain there, and absolutely NO ODOR left either!  If your house smells like pet urine due to a training or marking puppy, this is the product for you!  It’s truly amazing, and the best part is that it’s super easy to use, store, and carry!  Even my 13 year old son can easily use it (not that he ever spills juice or anything on my carpet, ahem).

At the retail price of $149.99, the Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner is more than worth the price.  They also offer a variety of solutions from pet stain and odor, or deep cleaning for set in stains.  They also offer an array of accessories to make cleaning upholstery, stairs, or even crevices much easier for you!  This is a product that I will always keep handy and will make sure I always have solution for.  You never know when an “oopsie” is going to occur on your carpet or upholstery, so by having the Bissell SpotBot on hand, you can make sure your life is easier when these “oopsies” happen!