BlackBerry z10

As a blogger and entrepreneur I have business contacts and employees spread across the United States. When working on a project or problem over a long distance it can sometimes be challenging. Unlike a typical office setting, we can’t call each other over to look at a problem or data. While connectivity has taken huge leaps and bounds with programs for file sharing and multi-user documents it still isn’t quite the same as working in the same building.

However, I think BlackBerry Messenger on the new BlackBerry Z10 just closed the gap. BBM is the worlds largest mobile instant messaging platform. Unlike typical messenging service BlackBerry Messenger isn’t limited to just speaking back and forth. In addition to being able to video chat; I can also instantly share what is on my smartphones screen, like a document, a picture or even a web page. This is super helpful when we run into a problem on the website or when we’re discussing data. Now I don’t have to describe what I’m looking at, and risk error, everyone can see exactly what I’m seeing. With handy little symbols like a D for delivered and R for received next to my messages I don’t have to worry about sending failure or missed messages.

But it’s more than just being able to share information. My life is better organized when I can create group list and group calenders so we’re all on the same schedule. No one is left in the dark. I can even share those files over live group chats.

Speaking of productivity, the BlackBerry Hub means I can seamlessly access my email and social-media updates without leaving my inbox. I can also check for an anticipated email from any app without stopping what I’m doing. It’s multitasking as it’s finest.

Lastly, it’s 4.2” LCD Screen means I’m not constantly squinting while I work and file share. I can read things easily without zooming in and out all the time. So whether I’m a multi-tasking mom or connecting with a group on a project the BlackBerry Z10 offers everything I need to be efficient and productive on a large, user friendly screen.