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Have you ever heard about LBL, or Light Bladder Leakage? If you are under the age of 40 or have not had kids, this may not be an issue you have really thought about. Surprisingly, 1 in 3 women suffer from LBL and it is a real issue for them. If you or someone you know does not suffer from this condition, you may be uninformed about the specifics of LBL. I know before I had LBL myself, I heard a lot of stories but did not know what was true and what was not. Even after I found out I had LBL, I was not very informed about it. If you are not clear about LBL or want some of the myths surrounding light bladder leakage demystified, you are in the right place!

bladder leakage myths debunked

Bladder Leakage Myths Debunked

  1. Bladder Leakage Is Normal: Although common, bladder leakage is not normal. If it is effecting your quality of life, there are many treatment options available for you.
  2. Bladder Leakage Only Happens To The Elderly: So not true! Almost half the women who have had children by the age of 40 have bladder leakage issues.
  3. Pelvic Exercises Are Only For Bladder Issues: Although doing Kegel exercises are helpful for bladder leakage problems, they can help with other things too. Kegels are great for improving your pelvic muscle tone, your sex life and preventing pelvic prolapse.
  4. Surgery Is The Only Cure For Bladder Leakage: Again, so not true! Exercises can help as well as medications prescribed by your doctor. Surgery may be an option for some, but is not the end all be all cure for everyone.

Poise SAM

If you have LBL, there is a new miracle in a box you are going to love! The new Poise Microliner with SAM (super absorbent material) is available at Walmart and will be your new BFF. If you have LBL, the new Poise Microliner with SAM are perfect for you! These amazing pads are thin, lightweight, affordable and work like a charm. The next time you laugh a little too hard or sneeze, you do not need to worry about embarrassing light bladder leakage when you are wearing the Poise Microliner with SAM. If you want to experience it for yourself, you can purchase Poise at Walmart.

After having 3 kids, with the last one weighing 10 pounds, I have suffered from LBL for about 10 years. I have not found a product to be this effective while being so streamlined and comfortable! I absolutely love the new Poise Microliner with SAM. As a matter of fact, the Poise Microliner with SAM is the thinnest liner in the market. They are so light and thin, you do not even know you are wearing them! Be sure to stay tuned for a follow up post with a review. Be sure to visit your local Walmart and Poise websites to learn more and purchase the Poise products online.

Do you have LBL and if so, how do you handle it?

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