Blog Hop TipsThis is what I do when I comment on blog hops to make the experience beneficial for both me (the hopper) and the hopped blog.  What do you do?

1.  Turn off you CAPTCHA!  You don’t need it.  It is super annoying for those commenting.  Most blogs have a spam catcher and for those that don’t, the 2 or 3 comments that are spam are way easier for you to delete than for the tons of people having to jump through hoops to leave you a comment.  Can you even read 1/2 of what CAPTCHA throws at you?  Don’t know how to turn it off?  Read how at Real Mom Reviews.  Oh wait!  I was telling you what I do … I already did that!

2.  Leave a comment pertinent to the post.  If you are at a hop post, it is okay to cut and paste Hi, I am stopping by from such and such hop come see me at such and such.  However, if you are hopping a comment Hop; at least SKIM the post at write a sentence pertaining to the post.  Then you can leave your standard I am ….

3.  I just learned this one, and it makes such a clean looking comment.  You don’t have to leave a url like Jennifer at You can embed the url like this <a href=”URL of target site”>Description</a> So, I would write something like I did with a recent Alexa hop I was in “___Thoughtful comment pertaining to post___” Stopping by from the Alexa Hop. You can read my Alexa Post here: <a href=””>How To Find Products To Review</a>-Jen <a href=””>Makobi Scribe</a> which will show up as:  Stopping by from the Alexa Hop. You can read my Alexa Post here: How To Find Products To Review
-Jen Makobi Scribe It looks a lot neater than all the url don’t you think?

4.  Another new SEO link building trick I learned.  This one benefits me and makes commenting on everyones blog an extra bonus.  You can use this to help link build to your blog too!  After I make a comment, I copy the comment url which will usually look something like this: and submit it to I made a post on using ping-o-matic.  This will let the search engines know their is new content at that blog, namely my link!  You can learn more about link building, trackbacks, and pingbacks at The Traffic Generation Cafe.  She always has a wealth of information, and I have learned a lot from her. She has another great post on comments that tells you how to keep them out of spam.  Now technically my above comment would go in spam because it has a link in the body, but since it is a blog hop, I am almost positive it will be approved!

Below is a post from Ana at The Traffic Generation Cafe.  If you were a subscriber, you could get cool tips from her as well!


Most bloggers respond to comments from their dashboard and thus miss out on a great way to do some deep linking within your blog (linking your own posts to each other). I am talking about using CommentLuv for your own comment responses. If you don’t have CommentLuv installed on your blog, you really should – you can make it NoFollow (although I have no idea why you would want to), if you really have to. It does increase user engagement as well. Back to my point. Make sure you are logged into your blog, but don’t respond to comments from your dashboard. Rather, go to the post itself and respond from there. This will give you a chance to use CommentLuv for YOUR links – great hands-free link building, plus you might bring more traffic to those posts. Make sure you vary the links though each time you comment (you know you have a choice of 10, I think).


Just because you comment on other blogs, it doesn’t mean that Google will ever know of those comments and thus, links. ALWAYS, “ping” your comments after you pressed “submit”.  Copy your comment URL (it’ll look something like: this). Paste it into one of free pinging services (I personally use or, press “ping” and voila! – the pinging service will notify search engines that there is fresh content under that URL. This will greatly increase the chance of your link being “discovered” and counted towards your link building efforts. Anticipating a question: yes, I ping my comments even if they are inmoderation.

Happy link building!




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