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Blogger Feature: Clayton Paul Thomas

I would love to introduce to you Clayton Paul Thomas author, fellow blogger, dad, and husband. I met him through one of my memes; and after he ninjad me into his Facebook Group, I noticed that he had quite a few SUPER, GREAT ideas that I wanted to share with my readers.  Thus, I asked him to guest post as part of my new Blogger Spotlight section. I love his thought-provoking style of writing.  What do you think? If you are a fellow blogger and you wish to be featured in Makobi Scribe’s Blogger Spotlight section, please email Jennifer@makobiscribe.com

The Mud Puddle

First, let me thank your gracious host for allowing me to write this guest post.  It is greatly appreciated.

The topic I’ve chosen for you guys came from a story concerning my wife and my youngest child, Luke.  As you read this, I want you to picture what is going on and think about which kind of parent you are and why.

I live in Kentucky and it has been raining here on and off for two weeks.  My oldest child, Cameron, had soccer practice which I was sure would be rained out, but I was wrong.  My wife graciously allowed Cameron to go to practice despite the field conditions and allowed Luke to go as well.

Not surprisingly, Luke found what a lot of  3 year old boys would find on a drenched soccer field- the biggest mud puddle.  The way my wife described it, Luke would run around the parents on the sideline, find the mud puddle, and jump in.  At first, it was with his feet only; but towards the end of practice, he used his behind as the primary point.

By the time practice was over, Luke was so muddy; he had to be stripped down to his underwear before my wife let him in the car.  If you remember the Charlie Brown series, Luke made the character Pig Pen look rather clean.

The reason I chose this story wasn’t because of Luke.  It was because of one parenting family (whose child plays on the same soccer team).  Apparently, they gave my wife a lot of incredulous looks even the other parents picked up on.  This other family had a child who was Luke’s age who was not allowed to play in the mud.

Here’s the point I would like you to understand.  Not all parents are like you and that’s okay.  Sometimes they do things with kids we don’t understand.  Unless another child is harming ours, it’s really not our place to judge.

The truth is my wife and me are completely different.  There’s no way I would have let Luke jump in the mud puddle.  But, I wouldn’t judge my wife based on it.  The way I see it, if my wife did everything exactly like me- one of us wouldn’t be needed.

When Luke came home, he was as happy as could be.  I gave him a bath (the only thing I couldn’t wash off was his grin), cleaned his muddy clothes, and put him to bed.  Trust me when I say he went to sleep without any problems!

Thanks again for reading my story.

If you are interested in more information about Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures, please stop by my blog and say hello.  It  is written on Tuesday’s and Friday’s.  If you liked The Mud Puddle, I promise you’ll love my book, Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures. You can find it at Lulu.

All the best,

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