You can make the switch with Japster!

Many of you have signed on to your Blogger Blogs only to see error messages and “This Blog could not be reached…” Then as you researched “Why is Blogger down?”, you would have come across this:Blogger Down

And then freaked out, especially if you were in the middle of something important like a contest that you paid to get into or were in the middle of posting a long-heartfelt post…then BAM…no blogger blog.

This brings me to the #1 reason why I moved to WordPress–Full control over my own blog with 24/7 support from my host, with Hosting Plans I pay a yearly rate which is pretty reasonable to me at $47 (even though as I grow I will need to upgrade to $66, but I will have unlimited.)

You want more reasons? I get 3 times more pitches from companies to do reviews and to link to their products than I ever did on Blogger. The first week I moved I made $100 blogging about products that I would not have been able to do if I was on Blogger.

I also am able to go with advertising companies that only work with self-hosted and even Google ads are more customizable making them prettier to you, my reader. So everything I have put out in cash, I have already made back in two weeks after the switch.

How do you switch you ask? I used Japster. He moved over everything and even customized my site to look like my old one WITH a thesis WordPress theme (which normally runs for $70-$90) I used the middle plan at around $30 and was worth every single penny.

Simply Stacie has posted 3 ways to move your Blogger to WordPress.  Some are free, some dirt cheap, some a little more; but, all are worth the move! What are you waiting for?

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