Have you been trying to grow your following on your blog, Facebook or Twitter? I’m offering special Blogger of the Week packages to help achieve your goals. I will include one of your Social Media account as a bonus entry in all of my regular giveaways and special events that aren’t hosted by others (i.e. Nook giveaway and Flash Follow would not qualify, but the Christmas in July would qualify). My giveaways typically last for two-three weeks and I typically do 40+ giveaways per month and 1-2 special events. There will be a maximum of 2 outside social media links participating at any one time and your links will be above mine. I will also post the giveaways you are featured in on my newsletter to 25,000 people.

I have used this with Two Loons and a Book. They were at 83 at the start and now they have 1108 and still going!

The rates are as follows:

  • One Week– $25
  • Two Weeks– $45
  • Full Month– $75
  • Included in the special giveaways like Wii for one week – $60 

All of my giveaways are listed in multiple giveaway sites, Tweeted, posted on Facebook, and sent out through my Triberr clan to be retweeted by my tribe members.

Please contact me at jennifer@makobiscribe.com if you are interested.


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