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How To Use Linked In To Help Grow Your Blog or Business

If you are a blogger looking to connect with other businesses and bloggers then LinkedIn really can be a great resource. For the bloggers who are blogging like it’s their business then I do believe this is a great medium for you!

LinkedIn is a professional connection site; think of it like a virtual business networking gathering. At a live meeting we would introduce ourselves. We would see if there is a way to work together, to partner in some way shape or form. LinkedIn is much like that actually.

Setting up a LinkedIn account is fairly painless. It’s a little longer than some of the other sites since you are essentially placing your resume online. Answer each question, get through the set up and know you can change anything.

When it comes time to build who you are connected to you can input some emails or let it draw from your email account. I did that on accident but it worked out well!

Anytime you do an update it shows up. (You can adjust this under settings/privacy controls.) Those that are on LinkedIn see your updates, similar to a status change on facebook. I was once trying to get in touch with a business contact with no success, then I saw an update that they changed jobs. I also posted about our business expo and one of the small business owners from my LinkedIn networked popped over, read the posting and signed up!

You can select who to send notes out to as well. If I have a local event I can select my local network to receive my message. If I have a blogging event that warrants telling my LinkedIn connections about then I can pop a note to that market. I really like being able to pick which audience I am trying to get a message out to!

You can tweet right from your profile or ‘wall’ page as well! That is a nice feature.

Once you get your account set up you can get tweak your name! See my account HERE.

That is the quick and easy about LinkedIn. Like anything else, it gets more familiar and easier as you use it. It’s great additional tool to connect to companies and PR reps, if used professionally it can really take the image of blogging to where we all know it really is. Most research shows that we buy things from friends recommendations or turn to those we know first to get their input about a project. Really as bloggers take this serious (those that are PR friendly particularly) LinkedIn can be a place where you become a valued business contact! Bree: What Matters Most and I decided to exchange guest posts on blogging resources. I did my guest post on Making a Side by Side Button. Hop over to her site to check it out!

You can connect with Bree Anderson on LinkedIn or Makobi Scribe by clicking our names! We would love to have you join our network! Are you blogger savvy? Do you have a working knowledge of a program you would like to share on Makobi Scribe? Consider guest posting for me and share my audience!

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