Have you guys heard of Paper Coterie? I discovered them from BlogHer last year and fell in love with their style and quality immediately. They’ve always loved working with bloggers, but a couple months ago they rolled out an official affiliate program that, after having personally used, wanted to share with you all!

In a nutshell – its AWESOME. Regardless of whether or not you use affiliate programs, you’ll want to sign up for this one because they give you PERKS like getting to try out their products for FREE.

I’ll say it again, sign up to be a Paper Coterie Affiliate and whether or not you ever make a single sale or post a single link, you will every month be invited to try their newest product for free!

Now, why would they do this? Because they want you to have first hand experience with their products so you’ll fall in love with them just like I did. And I’m not talking about just one or two free offers, I’m talking about every time they launch a new product – they send their affiliates a special code so they can make it for themselves for free!

Here is a list of what I have received for free since May:

  • Daily Documenting Book
  • All About Dad Book
  • Set of Swatch Cards

Bonus – if you do end up blogging about these products using your affiliate link, you’ll earn a whopping $10-$13 per new customer sale!

They are also constantly offering 60% off certain products as well as free products to new customers to help you make money. Like right now they are offering 1 free journal to all first time customers + YOU get paid $5 if one of your readers takes advantage of this offer!

PS – If you blog about DIY or crafts, this is a perfect fit for you whether you realize it or not. Every month they offer a super cute FREE downloadable printable that you can share with your readers. *TIP* this is a really easy way to include your aff link in a post without having to feel like a sales person at all!

I post these free printables on my site often and my readers love them. You can see my previous posts here.

PS – If you sign up and refer bloggers to be affiliates (like I am telling you!), then you can also earn $ for each new blogger that signs up too! <— that was my disclosure in case you missed it 🙂