BlogNationLooking to Raise Your Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is something we all chase after as bloggers. How do you get it? By building quality back links.

BlogNation is a FREE blog directory that will list your blog under a website you designate.  Why would you want to list your website with Blog Nation?

  • The more places you are listed, the more traffic you get.
  • The more places you are listed, the more back links you get; and the more back links you have, the higher your Page Rank goes with Google.
  • The have a complete listing of many blogs, so you will be sure to find your niche. If you need help selecting, feel free to email me at the contact email in my menu bar.
  • Look at the picture below:

Join Blog Nation

It is simple to sign up. Go to BlogNation adn click Submit a blog like in the picture above in the lower right hand corner.

Then fill out your blog info, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc. When you go to select a site to enter yours under, make sure you pick one that closely resembles your niche. Then you can select your category. Here are a few examples:

  • Site:       Category: Fantasy
  • Site:       Category: Product Reviews
  • Site:         Category:  Beauty
  • Site:           Category:  Homeschooling
  • Site:                Category: Entertainment

Make sure when you write the description you use good keywords that explain your blog.

After you submit your blog, you will get a welcome email with a link that you need to go to and pick up your badge. You can either put it in your sidebar or a post really anywhere on your site will work.

You should be receiving an email to activate your account. Click the link in the email then refresh this page. If you could not activate your account please contact meghan(at)

Thank youYou have a choice of badge sizes to place on your site.

badgeOnce you place your badge it can take up to 15 minutes for the system to recognize you (See step 4)

Now you can just leave it and let the links build, OR you can interact and browse the blogs. There is also a cool feature you can use (and have your friends and fans use) to boost your blog. This will raise you higher in the rankings of the directory.

You can see the button on Sason and Pobi on the right of the blog and if you click it, it will take you to here.

The BN Boost Button is where you can boost Sason and Pobi (go ahead Boost me!)

and you can also boost Makobi Scribe.

Click to boost me

After you have signed up, come back here and comment with your Boost url and we can have a Boost Party right here. So, Boost the comments around you and I’ll boost you too! feel the love?



EDIT: Boost Parties held on Makobi Scribe Facebook page with 11,000 fans. Come join in, get boosted and let my fans see your blogs!

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