I have recently started the switch over to MadMimi. I used to be with a different Newsletter service and I had SO MANY reports of going into spam. I also had problems with people trying to unsubscribe which I am sure must have been very frustrating to keep getting newsletters from me after you had unsubscribed so many times!

I really am just trying to get the newsletter to the people who want to get it! How hard can that be. Obviously, pretty hard! I was paying a lot of money with that service I had been using and when I switched to Mad Mimi I was able to save over $75 a month! Rock on!

Once I had switched over the weekend, my open rate sky rocketed – which means more page views for me. It only goes to show that my email actually landed in the inbox instead of spam. Now I feel like I am actually getting the value for my money. If you are a blogger looking to sign up for a newsletter, try MadMimi – you can even email the first 100 subscribers for free and after that the prices are cheaper than anywhere in town. If you want to sign up for my newsletter, you can below ~ Don’t worry if you already are a subscriber, I will transfer you over!