Several of us out there are blogging, but would you like to write a blog that will get read? offers a free pre-blogging course and another course called Blogging 101.

Blogging 101 is an eight-week, fully-automated(self-propelled), comprehensive course that guides newbie bloggers and bloggers who would like to make improvements, through all the basics of creating, establishing, and marketing a new blog or an established blog. Their course goes in-depth into the specifics of blogging, everything from beginning html, to how to tie a  blog to your Twitter or Facebook account, to registering a blog with directories.

I took the course to see if it really did what it claimed, and Blogging 101 covers all the basics you need to start a blog. It carries you through step-by-step in an easy to understand format. The courses are broken down into doable sections and make taking breaks for making dinner, playing with the kids, and other “life duties”  possible while maintaining a good working pace. Blogging 101 covers the costs of starting a blog, which range from free to hundreds; the appearance you want your blog to have and how to attain it; and how took hook your blog up with every possible social media known to man!

This course is a beginner course, but still has a few refreshers for seasoned bloggers. I learned a few things about Twitter Search and how to get targeted followers as well as some marketing tips in Yahoo Groups I had not thought of. Check out Blog Writing Course to find out the answers to that information and take the pre-blogging FREE course for a spin. This will give you a feel of how effective their teaching methods are, then consider signing up for Blogging 101 or try to win one of 5 courses from Vkidz.

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