Thanks so much to Invitation ConsultantsBlogger Scholarship for $300, I was able to be able to relax and enjoy my time at BlogHer ’11. If you have not checked out all that Invitation Consultants has to offer, you need to! They customize and design Wedding Invitations, Party Invitations, Announcements, Stationery& cards.

Over the past few weeks, I have written about my hopes and dreams before going to BlogHer ’11, at the airport, My arrival lunch, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Advanced Help Screening, Cash Grab video, and now my recap post of everything I missed in between.

First off I wanted to go over how I met my hopes:

  • Me and my sissy had a fab time. We laughed, she laughed at me, I laughed at her. Good times! It was fun, sister-bonding time that made me miss her the minute she left for her plane before me, and I wished we had scheduled another day just to hang out without all the hustle and Bustle of BlogHer.
  • I got to meet a few of the ladies from Blog & Social Media Boosters which was a blast! It is so nice to be able to put a face to a name/blog and connect on a personal level making memories.
  • I made it to every party. I will post the schedule I had below. You will be amazed and then will see why I had 7 blisters on each foot!
  • I was able to network with sooo many brands and bloggers. I had a whole bag full, folder full and a ring binder full of contacts! Wow!
  • My flight was super smooth except for the sneezing guy who sat across the aisle from me that I am CONVINCED got me sick!!
My goals were:
  • Make new friends! Check!
  • Learn, learn, learn (to write better, pitch better, connect better) Oh! Better myself! Check!
  • Have fun! Check!
  • Connect and Network with as many people as I can! Check!
  • Collect nifty Swag! Check! Check! Check! I left almost 7 bags!
  • Travel Safely! Check!
  • Not lose anything or leave anything behind! No-Check! I left my black sweater 🙁
  • Not gain back the weight I am losing! Check! until this week LOL!
  • Enjoy! Check! Check! I already got my ticket for New York!
Things I would do different:
  • Pack shoes that I would normally wear. Prepare to walk, walk, walk.
  • Choose comfort over style!
  • Bring a bigger swag bag!
  • Pack lighter with less shoes.
  • Clean my house before I go.
  • Bring band-aids.
  • Leave a day later
My BlogHer Party Schedule:
  • 5 pm dinner with Lovable Labels– We were late. We got lost with Gazalle and Laura so it was okay 🙂 They were late too!Lovable Labels
  • 7 pm Social Soriee Party! Fun stuff—LONG WALK (we took a cab!) Whole Foods, Lovable Labels and Pop chips were a few of the sponsors of this party! Awesome swag! Pop chips were everywhere and I LOVE them! If you have not tried them, you need to!
  • 8 pm Clever Girl Collective Party I was cutting it close right? A big line, Jamie got in first U’s got in faster than M’s. Once in we went upstairs and I met the Smarties lady! I will totally do an interview with her and her family owned business later! Stay tuned. Just craziness and rock and glam everywhere. My feet hurt so bad, I was on EST time and TIRED. Good thing Jamie was too! We both got stuffed Smurfs for our kids, swag from every which way, met with Foodily, got the T-shirt and FELL OUT!
I woke up at 5 am much to the dismay of my sister LOL
  • 8 am Newbie breakfast. Met with the BSMB ladies at the Newbie BlogHer breakfast to learn how to start our day
  • 10:30 am Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese Refuel & Recharge suite at BlogHer ’11 for a hand paraffin treatment while I learned about good snacking habits 🙂 Then I had to rush to make it to a seminar I wanted to see.
  • 12:00 HTC Panel We discussed how moms, bloggers, and women use and would like to use their smart phones. After much discussion HTC rewarded us over lunch with our own HTC phones. Since I am on Verizon, I got an HTC Thunderbolt!
  • 1:30 Met with Peanuts reps for a one on one (with Jamie)
  • 4 pm Flipflop wine party Good food, Good wine, Good party! I am wearing the jacket I left, and since we left two shakes of a lambtail too early to make it to the next party, Jamie and I BOTH won and missed out on our prizes!! On the way to the next party I had to stop and buy new shoes. Yes, my feet were that bad! Bleeding!! I have to say FlipFlop wines had the best swag bag by far. They did a great job!!Flipflop wines
  • 5:30 Mom Central Party at the Edgewater Grill (Same place as Lovable Labels held their dinner so we didn’t get lost) I met and chatted with Elaine and Matt. I hope my son grows up to be like Matt! Lots of cool stuff in the Swag bag here too! Baby Stuff for baby booties and skin from Johnson and Johnson. Stacie, John and Cindi met us here, then we all cabbed it to1;
  • 6-9 pm Cheap Sally (Tired yet) This place was like a club/maze/really cool place with a decent spread. It was a ton of fun, but we were on a mission!
  • 8-11 YouPhoria We got to ride in a pedicab! My poor guy seemed tired from the uphill trek carrying all my swag lol. We got to YouPhoria early because Cindi got us in the front of the line with special buttons. At the front of the line, I met Jenny, from Southern Savers, who has helped my family get through a rough spot enabling us to put food on our table. southern saversYouPhoria was awesome. We tweeted (see pic below) and I won a Simon bracelet. I got a chair massage, made my own perfume, met with tons of brands, and made funny photo booth pics. I was soooo tired after this, I don’t even remember going to sleep!  Look at the Swag bags on my shoulder! Youphoria
    • 8 am breakfast with De Wafelbakkers watching the Pancake Hoarders Premier.  I was video taping it?
  • De Wafelbakkers
  • 10 am Mom Select Swag Suite – Need I say more? I mean holy canoli!! SWAG GALORE and awesome brands!
  • 2:25 met with Mega Brands for a one on one. I learned a lot of cool things about how they have stepped up their product and still keep it cheap to buy. Look for reviews!
  • 4:30 Help Screener. OMG! I cried! Good thing I am not a heavy make-up wearing gal.
  • We left straight from the Premiere to meet Gazalle and Laura for one last time at the Latina Party. I was tired at the end of every day, but it was so much fun. I cannot wait until next year!


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