Maggies organicsI am having a blast a BlogHer as you can tell! The first day, after we checked in from the hotel and settled in from the airport, we did a quick change into our party clothes and then hit the bricks again! This picture is in front of the BlogHer registration where I am wearing a baby tee dress, tights and wrap top from Maggie’s Organics. I love their clothing because it is comfortable to wear made from certified organic fibers and uses free trade labor. This makes me feel comfortable on the inside as well! The layers were great for San Diego weather allowing me to dress up my outfit for night by excluding the jacket and keep the jacket handy for the colder weather.

Maggie’s Organic clothing was light-weight and easy to pack, but the best thing was that the wrinkles just fell out by hanging on the hanger when I arrived at the hotel.  Guess where next year’s conference is going to be? I’ll give you a hint–I am standing next to the lady of the city! Yep! New York City! I was able to have lunch/dinner outside with Jamie and Yolanda and then start the night of party hopping!



We had a lovely dinner sponsored byLovable Labels…I had taken off the wrap for a cooler, classier look.

Lovable Labels dinner

Elaine from Mom Central and I were savvy enough to convince the manager to give us this awesome rum glass 🙂

Rum GlassIt was a fun packed day full of swag, networking, meals, walking, walking, getting lost, walking, eating, walking, partying with brands and bloggers, walking and fun, fun, fun!  I was rearing and ready to go at the beginning of that day, and this is how I came back…


and this is what my feet look like…note the self made band-aids from Lovable labels. Did I say I walked  a bit?feet


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