It has come to my attention that some bloggers are upset with my marketing techniques of helping my sister, Jamie Underwood, win the Lovable Labels BlogHer contest.  I had planned this since the day we entered the contest and had asked permission from Lovable Labels to do just such beforehand. Lovable Labels gave us the okay, so we do not feel we are breaking any rules. Furthermore, I did not make any entries for voting mandatory. You can enter in any of the contests several ways. For the $500 in cash, you may enter by Tweeting once or daily and never voting at all. You may also enter by simply Liking the Lovable Labels Facebook page.

It is not my intention to buy votes by any means. I think my sister is very deserving to win the contest and her essay is worthy of a win. Have you read it? You can here: Jamie Underwood’s Lovable Labels BlogHer Essay. She is one mommy who made a difference, and I admire her more than any other. If you feel her essay is not worthy of a vote, please do not vote; but I implore you to read it before making such a decision.

As for representing Lovable Labels, if Jamie wins, she would do an exemplary job of being their Brand Ambassador. She puts her all in everything she does and would do the same for them. She gives to the community on a daily basis, is a wonderful mother to her two girls, and an awesome sister to me.

Thank you for your time to read this, and please direct your comments towards me and not my sister, as she has been through enough.


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