Earlier today, I posted an action shot from my phone.  Funny me balancing two toddler looking up in to the tree.  I think it was a great picture showing how nice it is to have my hands completely free.  Jakobi really like it too.  It seems with his Daddy gone more often now, he wants to be held a lot more often by Mommy, and the Boba Carrier totally allowed this to happen.  Mason was quite comfortable in the back, and I felt assured that he was in good and tight from all the straps that kept him snug to my body.  If you look where I placed the red circles, you can see an adjustable foot harness, and also a really cool feature that allows the loose strapping to be wound up and tucked in.  When we went shopping Mason was all over the place bee-bopping about, sticking his hand in and out, pulling on my pigtails and even bending backwards arching his back.  Now, that caused me to freak out, but my oldest son said that he was still in tight and pointed out that his feet were harnessed in by my side. In addition to this carrier being worn from the back, you can also wear it from the front.  I will post on front-wearing later after I have tried it out.  With Mason no longer being a small, light infant, I felt it was time to step up my carrier to help support his wiggle and his weight.  I feel that the Boba carrier is worth every penny of the $100.00 asking price, and I wish I would have found it sooner.  It has so much more to offer than the previous carriers I have tried, and I feel the weight is distributed evenly across my back, hips, and shoulders.  Like I said , I will post after a few more days on front-wearing and I might even throw Jakobi in it.  The weight limit is still acceptable for him.  We shall see. You will have a chance to win this Boba Carrier during Blogmania 2011 as part of my BIG package.  See this post for more sponsors.