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Blogmania Sponsor Boba Carrier Giveaway

This looks fun right?  Who knew I needed my hands free to hold the other child, but we needed to get a better look at the thing in the tree.  What thing?  Jakobi says, “What are you doing?”  Mason says, “Wats dat?” I’m looking…and looking…huh!  It is a leaf.  In a tree.  Go figure.  Good thing for the Boba Carrier.  Then, we went to Best Buy–total chaos.  They gave me the wrong computer and I had to go back and forth a million times to three counters.  Mason was loving it, and I had my hands free for Jakobi, receipts and computers. He pulled my braids like I was a horse.  Wheee!!  Jakobi got carried to Target.  He was tired.  LOL…poor baby.  I felt secure with Mason in the back, and when I had to put the carrier on again when I had to return to Best Buy (again), I threw it on the front.  It worked great that way too!!


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