Blue Penguin was kind enough to send my son an AIO SposoEasy™ cloth diaper. An All-in-One (AIO) diaper is a diaper and diaper cover combined into a single garment. At Blue Penguin they carry many different styles, so there are a number of options from which to choose: snaps or Aplix closures, hemp fleece, organic cotton, bleached cotton or unbleached cotton interior. With all of the convenience and ease of use of disposables, Blue Penguin’s AIO’s have the added advantage of natural cloth next to baby’s skin, no matter which interior you choose. Also, they are healthier for Mother Earth than disposables will ever be. Their AIO’s are leak-proof, absorbent, designed to dry fast and to last as an excellent investment. They also have AIO’s for underweight babies (preemies or multiple birth infants).

Fortunatly, my son Jakobi is hardly underweight and is no longer an infant. My biggest problem I have found with using cloth diapers with him is naptime and overnights. He is a super soaker, and I have had a hard time finding a cloth diaper that will last through the night. Blue Penguin’s SposoEasy™ AIO did the trick. Jakobi had no leaks, and to his relief, no irritating band marks around his thighs. The SposoEasy™ AIO from Blue Penguin is a great diaper, very easy to use. It is as easy as any disposable and so much better for our environment.

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