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Bluetooth Speakers For Your Car From SuperTooth Review

Bluetooth Speakers For Your Car

If you are driving and want to talk on your phone, you need Bluetooth speakers for your car.  I am not sure if it is true everywhere, but where I live you can get a ticket if you are caught talking on a cell phone while you are driving.  I am pretty good about not using my cell phone unless I am stopped, but I admit I have done it.  I always get nervous that I am going to be in a terrible car accident if I am not paying attention to my driving.  I am sure you have all seen the commercial about the last text someone send or received before crashing their car?  I do not want that to be me!

SuperTooth is a world leader in the making of Bluetooth speakerphones and portable accessories.  In 2004, SuperTooth introduced a speaker that attached to the visor in your car.  Now we are lucky to have their latest product; the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone.  SuperTooth owns their factory and is in charge of every step of the process from designing a new product to shipping it out when it is available for sale.  With this control over their products, SuperTooth is able to bring you the best in Bluetooth items at a very affordable cost.

Talk Hands Free In Car

To be safe, if you want to talk on your phone while driving, you need to talk hands free in the car.  You cannot be responsible and still talk on your phone while you’re in the car.  The SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone for your car ($69.00) is the latest and in my opinion the best Bluetooth speaker available on the market today.  You don’t even have anything to install!  All you need to do is link it wirelessly to your phone and you are all set.  You can clip the SuperTooth Crystal to your visor and you are driving hands free with the best quality sound around.  This is a fantastic product at a fantastic price.

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