Board games for the family

Board Games For The Family To Play

We tried 2 games from Patch Products.  The first one we tried out was Love It!  Hate It!  In this game, one person chooses a topic card that they read.  After they read the question, you have to write down what you think that person would love or hate.  For example, something like “If I were to only eat one type of cereal for the rest of my life, I would love it if it were ________, and hate it if it were ______.”  The other people playing would then write on their board what they think that person would fill in the blanks with, and whoever has the best answers, as determined by the readers, gains a token.  3 of each love it and hate it tokens wins!  This game seemed very similar to others that I’ve played, but I liked the twist with both guessing the love and hate options.  While the game says it can be played with 3 or more players, we played with just 3 players, and I personally think it would be more fun with more players.  When there are only 2 answers to choose from, the game goes pretty quickly.  I think this would be a great party game, as it would create lots to talk about and I could see how it could really get a group laughing.  The other nice part of this game was that I think it’s great for players of many ages.  I played with my son and my mom, and we all enjoyed it.  The instructions weren’t overly complicated, and I think as long as the kids playing can write, they can participate.  Or, if playing with younger children, it would be a great game to play as a team with an adult, and I think it could actually help them learn words and meanings of words.

Farkle Frenzy and Love It! Hate It!

The 2nd game we played was Farkle Frenzy.  Now, I’m a HUGE Farkle fan.  If you’ve never played, original Farkle is simple to play – you just need 6 dice, a list of scoring, and paper to keep score with.  Basically, you roll the dice, and choose which to keep to add up points.  You can choose to re-roll any that you don’t want to keep, but be careful, because if you choose to keep rolling and don’t get any dice that score on the next roll, you lose all points accumulated so far on that turn!  Farkle Frenzy just kicks it up a notch!  In this game, each player has their own set of 5 dice, and there’s a shared dice in the middle of the game board.  This dice is pressed at the beginning of the round, then each player rolls their dice at the same time.  Each dice you choose to keep to score with is stacked on your little staircase (don’t forget to use the community dice towards your score, if possible!), and then everyone takes their next roll, if they choose to continue rolling.  Once one person reaches the top of the stairs, all other players are done with that round and collect any points they’ve accumulated.  The person who reached the top first can choose to continue rolling, if they’d like.  I loved this game.  If you’re a Farkle fan, you’ll like Farkle Frenzy.  The down side is that it can only be played with 4 players.  For most people, this will be fine, but I know that Farkle is a game that we always play at Christmas, and we usually have about 10 people, so this wouldn’t work in a large group situation.  The center die was kind of fun to use – it’s a dome, kind of like the one in Trouble that you push down and the dice rolls itself.  It also presented a totally different challenge from original Farkle in that you’re not only trying to choose the right time to quit rolling, but you’re also racing the others to the top of the pyramid!  This is for sure a great game for the Farkle fan in your life.

Patch Products is giving away a copy of Farkle Frenzy and a copy of Love It! Hate It! to one of our readers.  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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