Body Groomer For Men

Do you have a hairy man, does he need a body groomer for men?  When I met my husband 11 years ago, the only hair he had was on his head, legs and face.  I was good with that, I’m not into the hairy chest thing AT ALL!  The years have flown by and each year I noticed a little hair sprouting up in tufts on his chest, stomach and back.  I think to myself, what is going on?  Is he going to turn into a hairy beast?  I didn’t say anything to him but needed to get him a body groomer to help him out so it was perfect timing that I was able to review the Clio Hypergroom Body Groomer.

Battery Operated Shaver

The Hypergroom Bodygroomer is a battery operated shaver with three guides for different hair lengths (or in my husband’s case NO guide so that hair can disappear).  It has a soft rubber grip so no worries about it slipping and is perfect for grooming your underarms, groin, chest, back, shoulders and legs.  This model is also waterproof so you can take it in the shower and go to town!  I think the waterproof feature is great because the hair stays contained and most of it washes down the drain which is way better than having little hairs ALL over the bathroom.  I love that the groomer is bent in a natural position to contour to your hand, its super comfortable to use and is working wonders on my husband’s back and chest!  There is no need for a charger because it takes only 2 AAA batteries, I love this because I hate items that take specialty batteries which are hard to find and expensive.  You can purchase a body groomer like mine for $11.99.  If that isn’t a great value I don’t know what is, I think I am going to pick up a couple for birthday and Christmas gifts for the hairy men in my life!
Clio carries a full line of grooming products for women and men.  They carry products for legs, bikini, underarms and eyebrows for women and facial shavers, nose trimmers and beard trimmers for men.  Check them out on Facebook!
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