Love quotesBy now you likely understand when ‘he’s just not that into you.’  However, in better-case scenarios he totally digs you, and it’s best to have such knowledge before it’s spoken.  Rather than wait for him to admit he has feelings, do some body sleuthing and listen to his gestures.  Here are a bunch of signs that mean he has a thing for you.

He Raises His Brows

Some things are instinctive like blinking at bright lights.  If he raises his brows at you, he is into you whether he admits it or not.  It’s instinctual for people to raise their brows at things they like.  Just take a look around the next time you’re at a restaurant; notice when waiters are about to drop food in front of anxiously awaiting diners.  You’re not a prime rib but his brows will tell you if you make him salivate.

He Calls Your Attention

He may yell for you across a crowded room, but some men are more subtle at calling attention to themselves.  It may be that he distances himself from others as to isolate your attention or he may begin to fidget with his tie or jacket.  If he likes you, he will be addicted to your attention and do large or small things to keep it.

He Grows Nervous

You won’t be able to tell if his heart is going pitter patter without your stethoscope but you can tell if you make him a bit nervous.  As above, he’ll begin fidgeting with his hands or jacket.  He may even take his jacket off.  (Is it getting hot in here or is it just you?)   His eyes may grow wider or he may develop a few beads of sweat on his brow.  If he’s getting nervous, he’s got the hots for you.

He Gets Touchy Feely

If you want to tell if he would love your hands on him, pay attention to how often he touches his face.  When men grow enamored, their skin grows more sensitive to the touch.  He will keep rubbing his chin, brushing his cheek, or putting his finger on his lip.  Whether he knows it or not, he’s sending signals as to what he wishes you would do to him.

He Leans In

Whether it’s a tasty burger or cooling body of water, it’s human to gravitate toward things we covet.  If he likes you, he will keep gesturing toward you, whether it’s a semi-friendly hip bump or touching you while conversing.  Trainers tell interviewees to do the same thing.  If you want someone to know they have your full and undivided attention, lean toward them.  However, he doesn’t want a job; he wants to be your love slave.

He Curls His Hair

Girls are notorious for curling their hair when they’re into guys they like, yet men are twirlers too.  If he is wringing his locks around his fingers, he has a thing for you.  If he doesn’t have any hair, then he may stroke his beard or mustache.

He Apes You

No, he will not wear high heels and that perfect black dress, but if he likes you, he will subtly imitate you.  If he’s into you, he may mock the way you’re sitting, imitate your gestures, or even use the same expressions.  He’s not trying to steal your thunder or be snarky, he’s just so into you that he is adopting your gestures and speech.

He Licks His Lips

When people get nervous their mouth and lips get dry.  He won’t help but lick his lips if you make him nervous.  Even better, people tend to lick their lips when they see something they like!  One of the more obvious signs a guy likes you, if he licks his lips, he has an appetite for you.

His Pupils Get Large

As mentioned, his eyes may open wider, yet even if he is hip to hiding that revealing gesture, he won’t be able to hide the dilation of his pupils.  Dilation is a human response to something that excites them or something they want.  If you’re not in an incredibly dark place, that dilation is all because of you.

He Looks At Your Face

It seems kind of odd, but if he likes you, he will peruse your entire face rather than continuously gaze in your eyes.  Considering the short attention span of today’s smartphone generation, having him look at you is a win in itself.  However, if he’s really into you, he will continuously look in your eyes and then your mouth, nose, ears, etc.

Sarah Marsh is the girl that all her friends turn to when there is a relationship problem or a new guy on the scene. She is studying to become a relationship consultant and in her spare time writes on the topic of love for a growing number of women’s lifestyle sites.