Boho Chic Clothing For Women

Boho Chic Clothing For Women

Boho chic clothing for women is a relatively trendy new looks in women’s apparel.  The look is the relaxed ease of bohemian clothing with a polish that takes the gritty street look to mainstream fashion.  I am a child of the 70’s and the Boho look that started in the 60’s was transitioning into the 70’s.  The “hippy” look as my mom called it was all about bold prints, flowing fabrics and a comfort that was unlike any other clothing style to that point.  Well, this look is making a comeback on the apparel scene and it is growing like a weed!

Lolly clothing is a trendy line of women’s apparel that is sought after and worn by many of the women of the Hollywood elite.  Lolly takes the city girl, adds a bit of grit and earthiness and artisan prints, mixes them all together and out comes Ah-Mazingly chic clothing for women.  This eye catching collection inspired by nature is full of looks that can go from casual to chic and back again.  Lolly clothing is made for the working woman to wear to the office and then out for dinner with friends with incredible ease.  From jewelry to scarves to gorgeous flowing dresses, there is something for every woman, regardless her style.  If you are a stay-at-home mom, a corporate executive or a school teacher, you can find something to fit every lifestyle.

Stylish Comfortable Clothing For Women

I have found it difficult to find stylish comfortable clothing for women.  If you look in the junior department, there is an assortment of loud, colorful, expressive clothing.  Look in the women’s department and you see business wear that doesn’t look very comfortable. Then you go to women’s world, which is a nice way to say “plus size” (apparently plus sized girls have their own world!!).  Lolly clothing combines all these elements without being contrite.  I gladly accepted their offer to review something from their expansive line of clothing, jewelry and accessories.  I chose the beautiful Lucy Dress (retail value $142.00).  The dress is cut at a flattering length and the mixture of rayon and spandex gives it just the right amount of stretch for comfort.  If the Lucy dress is any indication of how beautiful and comfortable the entire Lolly collection, I am all in!!

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