Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. When else is ok to dress up as your favorite scary monster, movie character or favorite hero and go out and collect treasure from all around your hood. As fun as Halloween can be there are always concerns about the safety of the children. Be it road hazards, bad candy or just unsavory characters who sometimes take the fun a little too far. Let me tell you of a new tradition that has been catching on the last few years. “Boo it Forward” is a fun safe way to get the whole neighborhood involved and create a fun chain of Halloween gifting.


Steps For Starting Your Own Boo It Forward Chain

Gather all the goodies and treats to fill a basket or candy pail. Fill it with both candies and Halloween novelties to make interesting.

Think about who you want to “Boo it forward” to and get your sneak on. Drop it off when no one is looking with card saying “You’ve been Boo’d”!

Along with your basket of tricks and treats, leave a note of encouragement to ” Boo It Forward” and continue the chain of fun and Halloween spirit.

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was Ghostbusters. So when Halloween rolled around my favorite costume for many years was the slimed Peter Venkman. The comedic genius and special effects were what really made it speak to me. Today we see a whole lot of remakes when it comes to the classic movies that we grew up with. More often than not I am left disappointed. It’s just doesn’t make sense most of the time to remake something that was so awesome to begin with. On that note, I’m really pleased to say that when the new Ghostbusters was released I was not disappointed in the least. The cast and crew stayed true to the original story while updating it to give a completely modern feeling that would speak to the generations of today the way the original spoke to me so many years ago. The writing and acting were right on par with what you expect from the original writers and actors. So make sure you get out to see this little gem of a movie. Maybe even throw some tickets to it in your “Boo It Forward” basket to your neighbor. Happy Halloween! and don’t forget to “Boo It Forward”!