When I started to cloth diaper my boys, I came in to the same problem the owners of Boodle Bottoms did.  I could not find the pants to fit my son.  I was buying them (or handing them down) in 6 months ahead of where he was in disposables.  I knew there had to be a better way.  So, I searched for cloth diaper clothes, and I found the answer-Boodle Bottoms.  I just love the story about how Boodle Bottoms got started.
When my own Boodle Bottoms arrived for Mason, they fit so perfect around his big ol’ cloth diaper.  I was surprised they even fit nicely around his nite-time diapers, and the Boodle Bottoms are his size.

Boodle Bottoms pants were designed specifically to fit cloth diapered babies.  We manufacture, package, label and ship our pants in the most eco-friendly manner possible.  All fabric is American made and 100% organic, then sewn in the USA by fairly paid workers.  Our pants are shipped in reusable cotton bags, also made in the USA, with recycled hang tags.  Then we offset the carbon footprint of our shipments while funding renewable energy research.”

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